Wine & Spirits Bar for Tiny Kitchens


Photo credit Facilisimo

Even in the smallest of homes you can still fit room for a wine and spirits mini bar if you really wanted to.

So I wanted to show you this cool solution for a bar in a small space that I stumbled upon.

How do you think your guests would feel when they see you can still throw a party with this simple mini bar in your small space?

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  1. A fine use of very little space. The height and color help to keep the space less confined. i saw another one like this that also had dowels across the back to lift the bottoms and across the front to hold the shoulder of the bottle from falling out. these kept the corks wet. if i knew anything about wine i would know why that was important too! 😛

  2. Very cool! Oh, and by the way, You have to keep the corks wet because if you don’t, they will dry out and crack, which leads to wine leaking out and air leaking in… both of which are bad…

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