Work Van Converted Into Classy Motorhome just $4500




“1986 GMC Vandura G-3500 cube van converted to a camper with a spacious feel. You can stand up in the van and walk around.

Replaced engine with 43,000 miles.

Maximum exterior dimensions of the van in inches
Front to back: 236
Side to side: 100
Road to top of roof: 103

Well insulated.

Pleasant living space with attractive real wood elements in the decor.

One full-size bed with additional fold-down, single, upper bunk.

Fold-down table with collapsible, padded bench.

Cooler, propane stove top, 30-gal water tank, CD player with speakers.

Lots of closet and drawer space and travel-proof secure racks for dishes and containers.

Conveniently located lights.

Originally a maintenance vehicle at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, this van has been converted to a camper with many convenient, attractive, and well-thought-out features.

The engine runs fine, but the van shakes a little when getting up to speed. After that the drive is smooth. It is probably a wheel-alignment issue.

The gas mileage is about 10 mpg. It’s possible this could be improved with the attention of a good mechanic.” (Source)

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For more info, pics and how to contact seller go here to original listing.

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  1. beside the lack of a bathroom and air condition/heating? very well thought indeed, It inspired me for some improvements. A walk-through bathroom could be added right hand of the entrance door and a fold down bed would allow a nice sitting area in the back with improved kitchen space at the right side.

  2. Sorely in need of a bathroom, they could have lost one of those full-length closets, even if they’d just put in a toilet it’d be something, but there’s ways to do it that could also have a shower in that small space,

  3. Oh, and that bunk, looked just a little on the flimsy side, I wouldn’t put anyone over maybe 10yo up there (and they’d have to be light). They could have made that much more sturdy. That said, for $4500, it’s pretty doable, because it’s cheap enough to then be able to do alterations.

  4. This is really cool, some of the guys in our outfitting shop do this for living. You should check out our picture gallery (we only do work vans) tho ..we did tons of conversion for work vans.

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