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“Each Log Cabin has been created keeping in mind our guests needs and comforts. The aesthetically designed living areas inspire and enhance the spirit, mind body and soul. Accommodates 2 and is ideally suited for couples.
Its lies across the chapora river and fort, along the north Goa coastline on a beautiful secluded beach called Morjim.
The beach is popularly known as Turtle Beach where the famous Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs.” (source)

“This place embraces the atmosphere of a Goan village. This is consist of Log Cabins, Luxury Tents, Casa de Mudanc’a, and a Beach Villa spread over an area of 100,000 sq ft of beach front property, in a coconut grove bordering the white sands of Morjim beach.” (source)

Would you live simply in a micro cabin like this? By yourself or with a loved one? Share what you’d like best about it living this simply in the comments below.

Book a stay in one of these cabins and see photos of more and learn about the area here.

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  1. “Would you live simply in a micro cabin like this?”

    Well, the operative word here is LIVE. Could I LIVE in a space this small with someone else? “H” to the NO! Could I STAY in a space this small with a someone else? But of course…it’s called a Hotel Room!

    Looks no different, size-wize, then a hundred other hotel/motel rooms I’ve stayed in throughout the decades. Nice surroundings, spacious interior…great for vacations!

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