Yellow Octagon Tiny House


Photo Credit: Tiny House Blog

What do you think about this octagonal tiny house?

I personally really love the screened in porch, you can go outside and get some fresh air without having any problems with mosquitoes/insects.

Could you imagine sitting down on a rocking chair inside the porch while it rains outside? With a cup of hot tea or coffee beside you. Mmmm.

Besides that, the house itself looks really spacious inside, maybe 200-300 square feet?

I also love the privacy two floors provide if you want to get away for a second and have a little alone time if you’re sharing the home with a loved one.

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  1. Years ago I looked at an apartment in an octagon shaped building, and where the rooms’ walls were angled rather than squared. It might be interesting architecturally, but practically speaking a lot of the space was useless and placement of furniture was almost impossible. It think it would be even more difficult in a tiny house.

  2. Hogans were used by many tribes and were designed so bad spirits could not hide in corners. May be difficult to fit traditional furniture so built-ins would be better.

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