120 Sq. Ft. Acorn Tiny House by Nelson Tiny Houses for sale: $38k

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120 Sq. Ft. Acorn Tiny House by Nelson Tiny Houses for sale: $38k







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Video Tour of the Acorn Tiny House

The Acorn tiny house is 14′ by 8.5′ with a covered front porch and gable roof with dormers so you feel spacious while up in the sleeping loft which also has built in storage.

Inside this 120 square foot home you’ll find everything you need for living tiny like a shower, kitchen and custom hand-built furniture throughout.

This house is for sale and available right now for $38,000 and it’s ready for you to live in if you wanted. More info here.

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Tom Zollinger says:

Take off the wheels and build a tiny storm/fruit cellar in place of wheels. Yes. I could live there . . .

Ralph Sly says:

$38,000 ???????????????????????????????

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Teri Foster says:

My TH will be 22-24 ft. long, but this is the most well-designed tiny tiny house I’ve seen yet!

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