60 Sq. Ft. Cigar and Whiskey Man Cave




Our home like many in the neighborhood is small. Our home of thirty years is 800 square feet. Small, cosy, two bedroom, one bath a working class home built in the 1930’s. My hubby needed a space for having his cigar and whiskey where the smoke wouldn’t be a nuisance. Here is the 60 square foot solution created with a number of reclaimed windows and door. It is a sunny, dry place to enjoy a few friends and the expansive back yard no matter what the weather is. Three comfy chairs and a couple of ottomans fill the space. I think the next one built needs to be a craft space for myself.

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  1. Nice place but too much glass would make it an oven in summer and an icebox in winter plus the old lady can keep an eye on you and know where you are hiding having that beer and cigar when you should be mowing the lawn lol!

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