640 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in NY for sale on Trulia: $129K

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640 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in NY for sale on Trulia: $129K











Images: Trulia.com

This 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 640 square foot tiny cottage has been on the market for around 6 months. It can be a nice getaway or a great full time home for simple living. I actually really like the interior design especially the metal ceilings, cedar walls, stone flooring, interesting loft space and the awesome kitchen. Outside there’s an 8 x 16 deck you can use to enjoy the sunset views in the evenings. There’s a tiny bedroom downstairs and another one upstairs. Learn more here.

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ap says:

I echo Mike Griffin’s comment about the upstairs. It appears as though the roof contour interferes with getting to the 2nd bed. Sorry but I’m not seeing this home/property combination being worth $129k. At most I’d say $39k which makes this $90k overpriced. Sorry, not trying to offend.

Ron Rogers says:

Like down stairs very much however pass on the upstairs . Looks very uncomfortable
And not a safety factor !!!

april says:

It looks you stumble our the door onto the Beaver Kill River, you go here for the trout. Very close to Hancock and the Delaware. Great location if you fish this challenging river.

Linda says:

Geez… for THAT price I could get a real house. Why so expensive?

The layout of the kitchen is a huge waste of space, IMO. And the upstairs – bleh.

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