Century Old School House Now 500 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage











This 500 sq. ft. tiny cottage was once an old school house that was originally built in the early 1900s. According to Small Spaces Addiction it’s located in Bremen, Maine and was recently sold. Please enjoy and re-share. Thank you!

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Charming Little Blue Cottage


I thought you might also enjoy this charming little blue cottage. Classic, isn’t it? I’d love to see more small homes like this one being built and even communities of them being developed as well. How about you? Would you live simply in a little cottage like this one over a tiny house on wheels?

Photo by: Michael Kumm

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Tiny Backyard Guest Studio











“The one-room light-filled studio is perfect for a single or couple. It has a comfortable full-sized bed with nice linens, a small table and chairs, coat and luggage racks (there is no closet), and a place to sit and read while you enjoy complimentary tea and coffee. Whatever season you are visiting Portland in, you will find the studio to be quite comfortable.” (source)

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450 Sq. Ft. Small Mountain Cottage

















Images: TKP Architects / Emily Minton Redfield

Big thanks to one of our readers Spencer for sending this small mountain cottage by TKP Architects in. Not tiny, but still small, and absolutely gorgeous. At just 450 square feet, I’m amazed at what they were able to do with this.

Architecture and Interior Design by TKP Architects

Construction by Old Greenwich Builders

Read the original story on this little cottage over at Mountain Living.

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Russian Barn Style Small Log Cabin Cottage














I just love this style of cabin because it’s a mashup of a cottage, log cabin and barn all in one. And not tiny, but small and still very spacious. Looks like it would be a really awesome place to have out in nature somewhere on your own land.

More info and pics here.

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Peaceful Little Wooden Cottage in Thailand















I can imagine living so peacefully in a wooden cabin or cottage just like this out in the forest near a river or a lake. At times I would miss being near the city but in this particular spot they say it is just 10 minutes from the nearest town. It’s a one bedroom cottage in Thailand in Chiang Mai. Learn more and see more pics here.

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Bali Style Tiny Cottage in Hawaii

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-01

Open Living Space

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-02

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-03

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-04

Outdoor Shower

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-06

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-07

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-08

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-09

Dining and Living

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-10

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-11

Surf Shack Bathroom

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-05

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-12


Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-13

Outdoor Kitchen

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-14

On the Map

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-15

Images: Airbnb

This little Bali style cottage in Captain, Cook, Hawaii is just awesome. It’s at Kealakekua Bay and is nestled under a large beautiful ficus tree in the peaceful and historic Napoopoo Village and it’s about a minute walk to Manini Beach Park.

The cabin is built with reclaimed bali teak panels and uniquely decorated with antiques and surfboards all over the ceilings. And I like the outdoor kitchen, too. I absolutely love it just as it is, how about you?

For more info/pics and booking info click here.

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440 Sq. Ft. Tiny Purple Portland House

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-01

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-02

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-03

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-04

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-05

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-06

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-07

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-08

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-09

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-10

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-11

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-12

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-13

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-14

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-15

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-16

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-17

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-18

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-19

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-20

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-21

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-22

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-23

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-24

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-25

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-26

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-27

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-28

“This sweet little house is a fantastic retreat in southeast Portland, located between Mt. Tabor Park and the Hawthorne business district. At 440 sf, it’s slightly larger than the typical “tiny” house, and has lots of fun/green design features to keep you intrigued and entertained.” (source)

Wanna stay here? Get more information, photos, check availability and book here.

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Shipping Container Cabin Community

Shipping Container Cabin Community

Well, it’s sort of a community of shipping container cabins and I’ll tell you why…

They really are container cabin/cottages but they’re NOT homes, unfortunately.

They’re studios for artists (which might be even better, right?). And- actually- one of the artists does live in his. (Shhh.. Let’s keep that down low.)

The other interesting part is that the container cottages are in somebody’s backyard!

Yes, the big structure to the right is a large home. Kudos to the homeowner for doing this!

More info here.

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Tiny Cottage with Tower and Surrounding Deck

Tiny Cottage

I thought you’d also like this tiny cottage that’s actually designed to be a rich kid’s playhouse because it’d make for quite the awesome tiny house for people like us who want to live simply. The miniature lighthouse with a view is pretty cool too..

If it were up to me I’d probably put it up on stilts like a beach house so I can park my little car underneath. Then the surrounding deck becomes more like a balcony which I’d enjoy a lot.

The inside is just 8′ x 12′ and yes the tower does have stair access but since it’s made for kids it’s kind of a challenge for most adults to get up there. I guess we’d need to make a few design adjustments for this to work as a home but I thought the look and feel of the design was worthy of inspiration for your future small/tiny home.

Image: Burgin Lambert via Houzz

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Tiny Guest Cottage


Image: Southern Living

The tiny cottage you see is actually just a small part of a much larger cottage design from Southern Living house plans. I still thought I’d show it off to you because I found it inspiring and thought you probably would enjoy it too. I love the covered front porch with the ceiling fan up top. This would be such a perfect beach town or seaside tiny cottage, wouldn’t it? If you head on over here you can find more photos of the entire house. The guest cottage is still connected to the rest of the home.

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640 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in NY for sale on Trulia: $129K












Images: Trulia.com

This 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 640 square foot tiny cottage has been on the market for around 6 months. It can be a nice getaway or a great full time home for simple living. I actually really like the interior design especially the metal ceilings, cedar walls, stone flooring, interesting loft space and the awesome kitchen. Outside there’s an 8 x 16 deck you can use to enjoy the sunset views in the evenings. There’s a tiny bedroom downstairs and another one upstairs. Learn more here.

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Academic Village Cottage: Tiny Houses for Student Housing?

Tiny Houses for Student Housing

Photo by Shelly Swanger

I always thought that tiny houses would be great for student housing. This particular cottage is used as a dorm for two students at the Seaside Institute in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida which is up in the panhandle of the state. You can check out more photos including the interior shots over at the Institute’s Academic Village Cottage gallery on Flickr.

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Community of Tiny Colorful Cottages in Hatteras, North Carolina


“Unusual, colorful, tiny cottages not far from the beach in the town of Hatteras.” (source)

There’s another shot of these cottages here too and it also shows the location on a map.

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Legal Backyard Tiny Cottages in the Garden


Photo Credits Orange Splot LLC


Just ran into this at Lloyd Kahn’s blog which is one of my favorites. He’s the author of Tiny Homes Simple Shelter which also happens to be one of my favorite books on tiny houses. and has been publishing about alternative structures since many of us can remember. These little houses are zoned as detached accessory structures in Portland. Each one is 12×14 and sports a front porch, sleeping loft and full service bathroom. If you want more information on the builder and to see more photos click here.

Community of Seaside Tiny Houses in Denmark

Small cottages near the seaside, Denmark

What are your thoughts on this tiny cottage community in Denmark? They’re a little closer than I’d like them to be but the general idea I think is a good one.

I also appreciate how some of them have partitions in the patio to make up for the closeness. This adds at least a little bit of extra privacy for each household.

They seem convenient for small families or couples and the patio can be a great outside play area for young children.

I wonder if tiny house communities are more common in places like Denmark and I hope to see more of this all over the world.

They seem to all be designed slightly differently which I like while maintaining a good appearance. I also like how they all have plenty of windows.

Do you think you would enjoy living here? Forgot to mention that according to the photographer, this particular community is in an oceanside location in Denmark. Wouldn’t that be nice?