Combo Micro Oven and Stove Top for Tiny Houses


I thought you might be interested in this micro oven and stove top combo which would be great for small kitchens especially in a tiny house.

Thanks Jens J. for sending this to me.

I think it’s a great combination unit because you can use it as an oven, toaster, for baking, and of course it has the dual burner cook top as well.

It comes with a baking pan, rotisserie rod and baking grille.

Learn more about it, read reviews, and order it here.

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Portable Hot Water Outdoor Shower System

Extreme propane Outdoor shower with Heater

This propane hot outdoor shower system from ZODI Outback Gear is great for camping, tiny living and off grid living. You can also use it for hunting and one of the best parts is that it can even double as a cooking stove and it comes with the gear for that.

How it Works

It’s powered by a rustproof stainless-steel water tank and a 10,000 BTU burner. It comes with the 6′ shower hose that you see above and the system heats water to 100 degrees fahrenheit. The hand pump pressurizes the water flow without any need for power or batteries so it’s great for those off grid situations.

A More Permanent Alternative

I thought this was a cool portable alternative to the Eco-Temp instant water heater system that most folks use in their tiny houses.

Where to Buy it

I recommend using Amazon to order it if you’re interested because the pricing is usually the best here. Also you can read people’s reviews who own it and use it.

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3 Awesome Tiny Dishwashers You Can’t Have


Image: Bonasty


Image: The Tiny Life


Image: Dornob

When living in a small space like a custom built tiny house and you like to cook at home (like me) you end up having to do all of your dishes by hand. Which is totally okay. Except.. What if you could have a super small appliance that washes your dishes for you? I don’t know about you, but I like that. So I wanted to share these tiny dishwasher concepts. Some of them are concepts.. Others were unsuccessful products mostly due to little demand and ridiculously high pricing. Maybe some of these ideas will once again come back to the market for people like us who want to live in tiny houses, cabins and micro apartments. Now I’m on the hunt for dishwashers that we can have. I’ll report back on that tomorrow!

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Conventional Oven and Cooktop for Tiny Spaces

Tiny Oven and Cooktop

I thought you might also like this really small conventional oven and cooktop because it’s perfect for tiny houses and other small spaces like studios, cabins and cottages. This oven will actually cook a 12lb turkey! And it has two burners for cooking. It’s 16″H x 19″W x 17″D. Looks like a countertop model but I can see it being built in to a tiny house’s kitchen quite nicely. How about you?

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