Conventional Oven and Cooktop for Tiny Spaces

Tiny Oven and Cooktop

I thought you might also like this really small conventional oven and cooktop because it’s perfect for tiny houses and other small spaces like studios, cabins and cottages. This oven will actually cook a 12lb turkey! And it has two burners for cooking. It’s 16″H x 19″W x 17″D. Looks like a countertop model but I can see it being built in to a tiny house’s kitchen quite nicely. How about you?

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  1. It’s cute, tiny and only uses 13 amps, but at $300? Oh, and you cannot use the cooktop at the same time as the oven. You would really have to plan out that thanksgiving meal.

    1. If you check their website by following the link it looks like you can use the two burners (called hobs in the UK) which are separate from an actual grill inside the oven.

  2. How do I find brand name (I cannot read it) and price info. Are there any gas (or propane) countertop range/ovens? I like looking in an oven without bending/stooping, Doc. And, hey, Doc. How many will eat TG dinner in your tiny cabin? I like it. Strike that. I love it. Besides, “She who must be obeyed” likes it, too.

  3. Tom,
    Just follow the source link above the first pic. It will give you all the info. It is electric and it’s from the UK.

  4. Darn, I gave a link to Amazon for a propane fueled stovetop/oven alternative for US readers and my comment was blocked? That’s the second time it’s happened.

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