How to Compost your Poop: The Humanure Handbook


If you’re seriously considering living off the grid, building an outhouse, or building a tiny house/cabin.. Then you might be considering the option of composting toilets.

This way not only are you helping the environment by making good use out of your poo instead of flushing it down with clean water or even worse improperly disposing human waste. After you read this book you’ll understand how to properly compost your own human waste and even better how you can make good use of it!

If you’re a complete beginner to how composting toilets work I explain it all quite simply in this post right here.

If you’re wanting to explore other toilet options, too, check out this post by Cori.

Another benefit you can get out of using a composting toilet is that you don’t have to install complicated plumbing for your cabin, tiny house or outhouse. It can be a surprisingly simple and inexpensive toilet system.

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