I’m a Little Tea House Short and Spout


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Here is an adorable little tea pot shaped house I just couldn’t help to share with you.

When I saw it I wondered, “What is this being used for?”

I thought maybe it was a playhouse for kids or something that was built on the property of a house.

Out of all things that crossed my head, I never thought that it would be a….gas station?!

Yeah that’s right, it’s a gas station check it out below.


I’m sure they sell coffee and tea, too though. 🙂

It turns out to be located in Zillah, Washington and was built almost a 100 years ago!

It was considered to be the oldest gas station in America, but just went out of use a few years ago and is now a local monument.

The teapot was actually constructed as a remainder of the bribery incident that took place in the United States from 1920-1923 called the Teapot Dome Scandal.

Anyways, what a unique little structure this is, and I hope it made you smile too.

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  1. Teapot Dome is a natural rock formation about 60 miles NE of my home. As recently as 40 years ago, it still looked like the teapot for which it (and the scandal) was named. Bits and pieces, first reduced to sand, is blowing off to such an extent that tourists wonder how it got its name. One of the conspirators, Harry Sinclair(Sinclair Oil) built a resort lodge/hotel in (where else) Sinclair, WYO. The hotel was an overnight stop on the luxurious Union Pacific’s San Francisco Zephyr. The dance floor is marble (yes, marble) and surrounded by Mission bells (and towers, duh) The last I knew, a young man from Arizona was attempting to restore the lodge to its 20’s glory. Using old registration books, he named the various rooms after its more famous occupant guests. There is a Limbergh room and, my favorite, the “Amelia Earhart” room. The Sinclair Refinery is still in use and is visible for many miles, 20 miles east of Rawlins, WYO on I-80. Next drive across Wyoming on I-80, stop and swallow deeply of the beauty that was.

  2. I’ve had this photo on my social network site for years now. I was so surprised to see it again here. @ Tom, thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

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