Little Red Swedish Garden Cottage


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Sweden seems to have so many awesome examples of beautiful tiny cottages. Sure they may not be used for living. Many and most are most likely for gardening. But I still find them inspiring for those of us who wish to design and build little, beautiful and affordable tiny houses around the world for people who want and need them.

“The movement of the allotment gardens reached Sweden in the beginning of the last century. The allotment gardens quickly spread among the big towns from Malmö in the south and to the far north of the country. Today, there are about 42 000 owners of allotment gardens in Sweden.” (Source)

Video Slideshow of Even More Little Swedish Cottages

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  1. I want to know, what to do in my city, to get the city behind the communities of tiny houses to be established in various locations in the city……not to be considered like old fashioned trailer parks………..but, rather approved areas for SENIOR CITIZEN’S who want to downsize from their larger homes that no longer suit their needs…..why, is this not happening…..we shouldn’t have to leave our towns and cities where we know people, and have an established history there, ie cementaries, friends churches, parks, shopping where we are known…etc. etc.etc…..WHY isn’t this being done…..????

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