22′ Extra Long Ynez Tiny House on Wheels by Oregon Cottage Co.


Photos by Oregon Cottage Co.

One of the neatest features of this Oregon Cottage tiny house is that it’s got some extra length on it. This allowed them to design a built in closet and storage up in the sleeping loft which I think is pretty much crucial if you plan on living in something like this full-time or for any extended period of time. You’ll see what I mean below.

Awesome Little Kitchen in a Tiny Home on Wheels


I really appreciate the large sink because when you have no dish washer and you like to cook at home you’ve got to have that space to wash your pots and pans and such. It always bothers me when folks use really small sinks in the kitchen. Unless of course it’s because they don’t ever plan on cooking. But that’s something I can’t live without because I love home cooked meals more than anything.


Sleeping Loft with Storage & Mini Closets


This sleeping loft actually looks extra spacious compared to most. I also like it because it has a little bit of a Japanese style vibe to it which is something I usually appreciate. When you turn around, though, the look changes a bit for me and I think it’s mostly due to the metal handrail which you can see below.


Still good! But to keep that Asian look going I probably would’ve used some kind of natural wood. I still like this though.

Bathroom with Normal Flush Toilet and Shelving


Storage in the bathroom in a tiny house is a must. And you’ve got it here. Also notice the little cabinet towards the bump out of the house in the photo above.

To learn more about this tiny house and to see even more pictures head on over to the Oregon Cottage Company’s official website right here.

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400 Sq. Ft. Country Cottage in Vermont with Land for $63k



I really like the unique shape of the home along with the deck and view.


Anyway this cottage is situated on 1 acre and it was built in 1950.

Living Area Inside Small Vermont Cottage


View of Kitchen, Dining and Ladder to Loft


Doors that go out to the Deck


Back to the Kitchen


Sleeping Loft



“This adorable country cottage is sited on one acre with a small clearing, stone walls and mixed woods. Only two miles to beautiful Newfane Village and an easy commute to skiing, it is ready to move in with most furnishings included. Improvements over the last 11 years include drilled well, roof, windows, heating, kitchen, siding and more. Wraparound deck overlooks the grounds, stone walls and stairs. Small but sweet!” (source)

Small Cottage in Vermont on 1 Acre for $63K: Good Deal or Too Much?

Do you think this small cottage is a good deal for $63k with land? What do you like best about it? It’s just two miles from Newfane, Vermont which I don’t know much about. Do you? For more info see the original listing here. I originally saw it here.

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746 Sq. Ft. Small House: The Tumbleweed Ernesti Cottage



Little Kitchen in the Ernesti Cottage by Tumbleweed



Living and Dining Area with Fireplace




Staircase to the Loft/Upstairs Bedroom



Floor Plan for this Small Cottage


A Little Bit About the Ernesti Cottage

This Ernesti cottage is actually one of Tumbleweed’s largest house designs and it can be built in two different ways.

Would You Like 2 or 3 Bedrooms?

One as a 2-bedroom 746-square-foot cottage. And the second as a 3-bedroom 843-square-foot cottage with an additional downstairs bedroom in the rear. I think this is a great home for a couple or a young family that’s slowly growing.

Each level is 7’6″ tall so if you’re tall, most likely, you’re still good.

How Much Would it Cost to Build?

These figures do not include paying a contractor for labor. So these figures are simply for cost of materials alone. And it ranges anywhere from around $49,000 to $56,000 according to Tumbleweed’s site.

How to Get the Plans

If you’re interested in building this house or having a contractor do it for you, cool! You can get the plans right here.

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You Can Stay in this Shotgun Shack Tiny House in New Orleans













Would You Add a Loft to this Shotgun Shack Tiny House?

Isn’t this tiny shotgun shack cottage just awesome? To me it’s like an oversized tiny house on wheels except this one doesn’t have a loft. If it were mine, I’d definitely add a loft into the design. I’d most likely use it as the bedroom and convert the existing space that’s used as a room into my office.

Foundation Tiny Houses Better for Couples & Families?

I can see a slightly larger design like this working better for couples and small families who want to live tiny/small for a longer period because of the extra space. That’s where it pays to plan to build on a foundation instead of on a trailer even though you lose the mobility.

What Would You Change to Make it Yours?

What would you change about this little house to make it yours? I’m also curious, if you’re building in the future, do you plan on doing it on a foundation so you can go larger or do you plan on building on wheels?

How to Spend a Few Nights in this New Orleans Shotgun Shack

If you happen to be in the New Orleans area you can always check to see if you can book a stay in this house.

“This charming house has central air, jacuzzi tub, rain shower head, flat screen TV, and private backyard area. Two blocks from Magazine Street, restaurants, coffee houses, shops and much more. Convenient to all public transportation. I live next door in separate house, available for information about city. I am a real estate agent and owner. This is a great area to walk. Everything close grocery store if you just want to cook at home kitchen is fully equipped. Take the Magazine bus to Central Business District, French Quarter in 15 minutes. Near to Audubon Park, Garden District, laid back neighborhood, rent a bike, its a great area for bike riding. As one guest mentioned it is truly one of the best parts of Magazine Street.” (source)

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The Porter Cottage: A Tiny Modern Cabin with Solitude







Photos by Eirick Johnson. Architect & design by Alex Scott Porter. Originally featured on Dwell.

I find this to be the perfect size for comfortable tiny house living with a significant other. It’s just big enough to each enjoy your own space and not have to bump into each other getting to and from everything but still so small that you hardly have to spend any time cleaning or maintaining.

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Your own 420 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin in Berkeley?



Interior of the Tiny Cottage Rental in Berkeley


I love the staircase/ladder that takes you to the loft. It’s really unique and seems easy and safe to use. And it doesn’t take up too much space.


Notice the side storage up there in the loft.




Desk/Work Area



Living Area




Kitchen Storage Behind Ladder to Loft






“This brand-new cottage, conveniently located near the posh 4th Street shopping district, the North Berkeley BART station, and waterfront trails, offers seclusion and beauty while providing all the comforts of home. Winner of an Eco Award from Diablo Magazine due to its energy-efficient design, the cottage has garnered international media attention as an example of the Tiny House Movement and a model for smart growth development in older low-density neighborhoods.

This solar-powered cottage provides a full kitchen and bath and sleeps up to four (two in sleeping loft, two on sofabed). We provide wireless internet, bedding (organic mattress provided), and kitchen necessities. Laundry is available, as is extra storage space (including secure bike parking). (A crib is available too.) There’s a microwave, a convection oven, and a gas grill, and in season, fresh vegetables from the garden and fruit from the trees. Street parking is always available, and the University Avenue exit from 80 is just 6 blocks away. We are 3/4 mile from BART, two blocks from AC Transit 72, 51, and 52 lines, and on both N-S and E-W bike routes. Stores within walking distance provide all your needs. And the cottage itself is tranquil and secluded from the street.” (source)

1929 Soldier Bunkhouse Turned to Boutique Mermaid Cottage



Kitchen and View of Living Area


I really like the open shelving in the kitchen and the stacked dishes. So perfect.


Master Bedroom and Bathroom





Guest Bedroom with Twins


Kitchen and View of Living


I love the orange wall storage unit and how it matches with the retro dining chairs. So cool!

Living Area


Outdoor Space


“A completely renovated, Jane Coslick-designed duplex! A building that started out as quarters used for soldiers during the Spanish-American War, this duplex is directly behind Officer’s Row and has another Mermaid Cottages’ property, Enlisted Men’s Mess Hall/Screened Inn duplex, as a next-door neighbor! This beautiful duplex has been lovingly renovated and is bright, colorful and a showcase of Jane Coslick’s unique and professional beach cottage renovation and décor style!” (source)

Catch the video tour below, too!

Video Tour of the Soldier Bunkhouse to Mermaid Cottage

See more photos, learn more, and book a stay here if you want to.

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Cute Colorful Cottage


Isn’t this little cottage so fun looking? Seems like anyone who’d step foot near it or in it wouldn’t be able to help but smile. But that might just be me. And you.. I wish we could go inside but unfortunately we can’t.

But while we’re looking at it I’m curious if you’d make your future tiny house anywhere near as colorful as this? I think it helps bring life to the structure for sure. This one looks like it belongs in the Florida Keys. Or here.

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Cozy Small Cottage: The Pink House


Here’s a beautiful 500 sq ft small house I had to share with you.

It’s got a gable roof and has that cottage style to it.

It can be used as an office, tiny home, library or art space.

More photos and info at 1Friday Architects.

Location: Aspen , Colorado
Design Team: Derek M. Skalko & Gavin Merlino

“What began as a kitchen remodel within a historic Aspen mining cottage grew to involve a series of artist studio studies for the backyard of the quaint Hyman Avenue residence known as the Pink House. Two very unique directions were initially investigated in direct response to budget concerns and alternate programmatic directions. Incorporating LEED inspired responses and solutions to take advantage of solar paths and materials with high performance returns was a priority. The final 500 sq ft gable-massed solution was a direct response to the surrounding historical neighborhood context and heavy evergreen forestation of the studio project site.” (Source)

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Tiny Cottage in Key West


Photo by Alixcherry via Instagram

This micro cottage is in Islamorada in the Keys in Florida.

How would you like to stay in a tiny cottage like this? Even better, wouldn’t it be cool to own one?

Even if it weren’t your only home. If it was something extra in your backyard for guests. But you can do so much more.

For example you can live in the tiny one and rent out your big house. Anyway I just thought this micro cottage was inspiring.

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136 Sq Ft Tiny Cottage on a Trailer for $32,000


What are your thoughts on the oversized pillars in the front porch? I think it gives it a lot of charm.





This tiny house is located in New York and is currently available for purchase at an asking price of $32,000 which I believe is fair for a completed tiny home like this.

The trailer with tongue is 24′ long and the actual home is approximately 20′ x 8′. It’s got an upstairs sleeping loft and an open living area.

It also has a bathroom, kitchen and all the features and appliances that you’d want in a cabin or home. If you want to learn more about this cottage on wheels you can get more details and photos here at the original listing.

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Tiny Cabin You Can Rent for Vacation in Arkansas


Check out this awesome little cottage located in Eleven Point River in Arkansas.

It was sent in to our page in Facebook by a reader (thanks Linda!) here.

She actually built 3 tiny houses on this location on 120 acres of private property and they are all available for rent here where you can find more information on this private and secluded getaway.

It would not only be the perfect getaway but also a good opportunity to experience what it’s like living in a tiny cabin if that’s something you have been looking to do.

For me I would just love to go and be free and secluded on 120 acres (they do provide you a cart to drive around and explore) with my loved ones and enjoy a BBQ outside.

Until next time! 🙂

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800 square feet Small Cottage Design from 1924


1924 by Stetson & Post Lumber, Seattle

This design is called the Rainier View.

I love what the folks over at Antique Home Style have to say about it,

“About the only change we would make to this tiny cottage bungalow would be to add windows to the kitchen nook on three sides. There are two bedrooms with closets (both of which have windows for ventilation) and space for a fireplace if desired. There is approximately 800 sf of living space equivalent to many modern two -bedroom apartments and large enough to house one or two people comfortably. Sweet!” (Source)

What would you add or change to make this little home better for you? And why?

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630 square feet Barn Cottage in Buffalo, NY


Small houses like this always remind me that tiny doesn’t have to be tiny. And we always have to remember that it’s all relative to the number of people as well as those people’s needs.

You don’t have to go extremely small to experience the benefits of tiny house living, which to me, is pretty much the same thing as simple living.

It’s all about simplifying. Removing all of the unnecessary up until the point that you have just what you want and not much more.

That’s not to say that the process of simplifying ever really ends. But to me, finding the right home is about getting enough space using smart design to meet your goals for whatever it is that you like to do.

What does simple living mean to you and your family? Would it be a tiny house? A small one? And why?

Photo Credit FixBuffalo on FlickR

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The Little Red Bungalow: Beautiful Tiny Cottage


Original Source: SouthPortSoundings.com

I love the look of this little red bungalow. It’s an amazing looking cottage I absolutely love the style. And it would look great in Florida. Notice the outdoor shower on the right and the classic white picket fence. I’m guessing it’s around 200 square, what do you think?

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Sweet Pea Tiny House


Here’s a beautiful little backyard garden cabin that you can use as a guest house, your own house or a hobby house. It looks like it’s probably around 100-150 square feet and it definitely has that rustic look and feel to it while also maintaining that beautiful cottage look. If you want to go inside click here for those photos.

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5 Little Houses and a Lovely Yellow Cottage


Photo Credit: Bumble Bee Blog

Little Old Motorhome

Very Old RV

Photo by Benkrut

Mushroom Fairytale Tiny House


Illustration by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen

Tiny House in the Mountains of Ladakh, India

Tiny house in the mountains of Ladakh, India

Photo by Heraldmuc

Small Suburban Brick House in the Snow


Photo by Gary Blakeley

Little Welsh Cottage with Beautiful Flowers

Welsh Cottage

Photo by Green308

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Cottage in a Day Prefab Tiny Cabins


Photo Credit Michael Fitzhugh Architects (Pre-Fab Cottage)




“Pre-fab Cottage is a modern, modular pre-fabricated structure based on a 14 foot square module. The cottages are built using structural insulated panels for floor, walls and roof, creating an extremely energy efficient building envelope. The 14′ x 14′ cottage base module can be assembled in several combinations and is adaptable to many different site conditions aided by its unique precast concrete foundation system. The project featured here is a newly completed residence utilizing four of the modules and a connector hallway. Built in a shop in Traverse City, Michigan the cottage was transported in sections to its site 60 miles to the South in Manistee County. Once transported the cottage modules were then assembled in five hours.

This cottage project is unique to Northern Michigan and utilizes as many products from the local area as possible. The cottage design reflects the character of traditional cottage structures found in the area, blended with energy efficient materials and design.” (Source)

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Unique Two Story Tiny Cottage


This is a 19th century tiny cottage in Fredericksburg, Texas. They were originally built with the intention to temporarily house families after traveling long distances for church services.

So essentially they served as inexpensive vacation homes in a way. I really like the front porch with the rocking chairs. There’s something about that to me that’s just so relaxing.

There really are so many ways to use tiny houses. They can be used for business, vacation, worship and so much more.

Why do you want to have a tiny house? And what for? Would it be your only home or would it be for a reason like this? I love the idea of multiple tiny house ownership if one is easily able to.

Learn more about 19th century cottages like this one over here at my friend Kent’s Tiny House Blog post where he originally shared this photo. Kent also publishes the popular Tiny House Magazine which you might also enjoy.

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