Silo Converted to a Tiny House on a Farm with a Balcony


Photo Credit FlickR/Tea_Austin

What I love about small spaces is that they can come in all shapes and sizes.

And it’s always inspiring to see an old structure repurposed into a home.

In this case a silo was converted into a tiny house on some farm land that way interns have a place to stay.

Did you notice the upstairs balcony? I thought that was pretty neat!

Here’s an excerpt from the photographer:

Converted silo at the farm I visited this week. They’ve put in three stories—kitchen/bath at the bottom, office/sitting room above (where the balcony is), bedroom at the top. It’s all connected by a staircase that spirals around, and the sound of rain on the roof is lovely.

It serves as housing for their farm intern each summer. 
Yes, I was tempted to apply.

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