The Skyeia Tin Roof Tiny Cabin at Blue Moon Rising


Photo credit Blue Moon Rising

I wanted to share this tiny cabin with you from Blue Moon Rising. You can actually vacation here. It has a queen sized bed in the loft and it can actually sleep even more people because there are twin bunk beds downstairs. It’s hard to tell in the photo above but there’s also a covered porch on the other side of the structure which would be one of my favorite spots to hang out in.

The tin roof is really what caught my eye because I’d love to hear the sound of the rain while laying down or sleeping in the loft. This could be a really nice escape from everything for a little while.

Learn more about staying here and see more photos of the inside right here.

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  1. These were delightfully crafted. I’d like to say more but their image loader on photos was barely working. I tried two different browswers and only 1/6th of the photos loaded but even when they did, they were not any larger than the thumbnail photos you were to click open. Also, couldn’t locate pricing; tried “booking” dates and the website claimed “Sorry, we’re booked for that date”, no matter which date I chose. Curious.

  2. Alex,
    We will likely do a metal roof on our build. Liking it depends on location. Old neighbors had one. If you were out when the white oak acorns fell it would make you dependent on the outhouse! Some of these are more than an inch falling from as much as 100 ft, BANG! Outhouse again!
    I’m just sayin’ be ready…

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