Tiny Mountain Cabin in the Snow


I love the timber framing on this tiny cabin in the snow as well as the front porch. And since it’s really tall it would make for a great loft bedroom upstairs with maybe even a balcony on the backside of the cabin.

This is a vacation cabin at Emerald Lake Lodge in Canada. More info here.

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Yurt Cabin in Vashon Island, Washington





I wish I could take you inside but this is all I’m able to share with you right now. This project was completed in 2009 by Richaven PLLC. They built a cabin, yurt and a breezeway to create a fully functional home of 1400 square feet. Interesting way to do. I hope you enjoyed!

“This combination cabin and yurt was designed as a multi-phased project.  The initial phase, the cabin, provided all of the core requirements for a minimum code compliant residence in a mere 232 square feet of space. The second phase included the design and erection of the yurt adjacent to the cabin.  The third phase included the design and construction of the breezeway connecting the cabin & yurt.  Richaven provided design and construction services for these projects.” (source)

More info on this project here.

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Wooden Yurt Octagon Cabin with Big Windows & Mountain Views



















Located in West Augusta, Virginia.

“Designed like an umbrella perched on the side of a mountain, the vaulted ceilings and glass walls let you feel like you are floating in the trees with the hummingbirds and finches! Artsy and modern yet woodsy and rustic, this is a fantastic escape from fast paced DC or Richmond city life.” (source)

View more photos, learn more and book this octagon cabin here.

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DIY Modern Micro Cabin up in the Trees


“It is technically not a treehouse, but rather a house up in the trees given we did not use a tree as a support, BUT, we still call it the treehouse; one word. I know, we are annoying that way.

The platform is 8 x 12 and the house part is 8 x 8 feet – We chose these dimensions to minimize waste by using standard, big box lumber lengths.” (source)

See more photos and learn more over here at ModFrugal.

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Tiny Caboose Cabin in the Santa Monica Mountains

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-01

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-02

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-03

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-04

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-05

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-06

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-07

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-08

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-09

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-10

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-11

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-12

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-13

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-14

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-15

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-16

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-17

Santa Monica Mountains Train Caboose-18

I thought you’d also really enjoy this surprisingly luxurious train caboose to cabin conversion with private deck in the Santa Monica Mountains. It even has a California King sized bed inside along with a private bathroom with shower, refrigerator, coffee maker, and more… Yes. It’s one of those vacation rentals that are out there (there are so many!!). I just thought, wow, what a great example of what you can do with something that’s old and unused. I would really enjoy living in something like this, how about you?

More info, rates and photos available here in case you want to book a stay there to try it out.

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DIY Tiny Cabin with Deck: Less than $20k to Build?


Image: Wildwood Cottage Resort

There’s something so inspiring to me about tiny cabins like this. First is the fact that you can easily build something like this yourself pretty easily and affordably as long as you have the land already. Depending on where you get your materials and if you do the labor yourself, something like this could cost you way under $20,000. If you happen to get your appliances, windows, doors and other things like that used or recycled you can really bring the price of your build down. How much do you think it would cost you to build a cabin like this yourself?

Learn more about this DIY tiny cabin here.

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448 Sq. Ft. Tiny A-frame Cabin for sale w/ Land for $15k





I thought you might like this tiny A-frame cabin that’s available for sale with land in Georgia. It has a living area, bathroom and kitchen on the first level then there’s an upstairs bedroom (loft). The structure is surrounded by 2,800 acres of mountains. There are miles of hiking and horseback riding trails or you can go fishing or canoeing on one of the nearby lakes. The cabin is built on a lot in The Preserve at Lookout Mountain Resorts in Rising Fawn which is around a 35 minute car trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can get to Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville and Nashville within two hours each. I thought this was a pretty fair deal at just $15,000 but of course you’d want to do your own research before buying.

Learn more about this tiny A-frame in Georgia for sale with land here.

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The Swamp Hut: Your Own Tiny House Compound?


Photos by Moskow Linn Architects

I really like this project by Moskow Linn Architects because I’ve always liked the idea of a few tiny houses gathered together by the same deck. I’ve always found this idea intriguing because instead of a big house with a living room you can have a few tiny cabins and the family can gather and hang out outdoors instead of inside. So there’s less air conditioned space and interior maintenance. Also, I think there’s more privacy for each member of the family due to the individual structures everyone can have. And everyone can always gather around the fire outside their front doors. What are your thoughts on indoor/outdoor living like this?



Learn more about the Swamp Hut by Moskow Linn Architects here.

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The Skyeia Tin Roof Tiny Cabin at Blue Moon Rising


Photo credit Blue Moon Rising

I wanted to share this tiny cabin with you from Blue Moon Rising. You can actually vacation here. It has a queen sized bed in the loft and it can actually sleep even more people because there are twin bunk beds downstairs. It’s hard to tell in the photo above but there’s also a covered porch on the other side of the structure which would be one of my favorite spots to hang out in.

The tin roof is really what caught my eye because I’d love to hear the sound of the rain while laying down or sleeping in the loft. This could be a really nice escape from everything for a little while.

Learn more about staying here and see more photos of the inside right here.

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Tiny Geo Pod Cabin


Photo credit Inthralld

Placed in a lush green environment the tiny geo pod cabin is perfect structure to relax in, get some reading done, write, or get some work done.

The shape of this space is very inviting and a fun conversation piece for when guest stop by for a visit. And maybe it can even double as a tiny guest house somehow?

I think the geo pod was designed and made to be a simple workspace away from home. But you could really do anything you’d like with it. How would you use the Geo Pod? Would it be your home, guest house, vacation cabin (is it big enough for any of these?), or just a backyard workspace?

Find more photos and info here.

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Peaceful Small Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Photo credit Airbnb

Have you ever wanted to getaway in small cabin? To me it sounds like the perfect way to unplug and rejuvenate.

This particular cabin is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

It’s tucked away in the woods so you can find the privacy from the outside world you have been looking for.

Approximately 12 miles outside of Asheville this cabin is available for rent.

See more photos and get more information on how to book your stay here.

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Luxury Tiny Cabins in Baja, California


Photo Credit Design Hotels

This luxury tiny cabin resort hosts a total of 20 cabins with incredible views of the valley. Each one has a private terrace with a fireplace inside.

I really like the minimalist design and the privacy (and view) that you would have here instead of in a hotel. If only we can use this as some sort of model for a future tiny house living community.

Rates to stay here start at around $185/night in case you’re interested. More info and pics here.

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Stacked Shipping Container Cabin


Photo Credit Zittel

What an awesome shipping container cabin created out of five 20′ containers.

Some of the special features of this cabin is the rooftop greenhouse and the circular skylight for the upstairs unit.

Find more photos and information on this container cabin here.

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Rustic Tiny Cabin Interior


Photo Credit: Unknown

I love the railings and ladder of this loft bed and just the overall look and feel of the interior of this cabin. I wish that we could see more!

To me using natural materials from the surrounding environment for parts of your tiny home is not only inexpensive (usually it’s free!) but it’s also just cool and it’s good for the environment.

Personally I just love that rustic country feel.. Especially in a tiny house or cabin.

What can you use in your area to add this type of vintage all natural charm to your current or future tiny house? Have you already done it? If so, share in the comments below.

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Tiny Cabin Kitchen Interior


Photo Credit: Crab Creek Bed & Bale

Check out this beautiful tiny cabin kitchen interior. This fully functioning kitchen is inside one of the cabins available at the Crab Creek Bed & Bale located in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

A great use of space in this kitchen. Stacking the microwave above the apartment size stove/oven. Lots of cabinet space to tuck away dishes, cups and other kitchen supplies.

Just enough space to cook a delicious meal for yourself and loved ones.

Find more information and photos here.

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Tiny Airstream Cabin in the Farm


Here’s an Airstream that’s currently being used exactly how I’d use a tiny house.

I’d park it by a deck and I’d actually hardly ever move it. If I had an Airstream, I’d probably move it quite a bit!

But this little Airstream is for rent in Altadena, California as a vacation rental.

For more pics (including interior shots) and info go here.

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Would you Live in this Minimalist & Multifunctional Tiny Cabin?


By Wolf & Wolf Architects via House and Leisure

This cabin has space for cooking, sleeping, working, outdoor living and it has a full bathroom.

Lots of the space is multifunctional. As you can see there are bunks in the living area and they double as couches too.

Get the full story and see more photos on this tiny cabin here.

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Treehouse Sleeper Cabin you can Rent in Cave Junction, OR


Photo Credit Airbnb.com

How would you like to stay in a treehouse cabin that’s elevated up in the air? Giving you beautiful views of the forest surrounding you while enjoying that peaceful feeling that goes with being in an all wood structure. I encourage you to take the rest of the tour over at my original post about this treehouse cabin rental. And you can always consider renting this cabin for your next vacation here.

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320 Sq. Ft. Post & Beam Cabin in the Woods for Sale


Photos by Monika Peterson
















This 320 sq. ft. cabin is still really small and cozy and that figure does not include the comfy upstairs sleeping loft that you can sleep in.

“Have you ever wanted to own a beautiful little log cabin close to a Lake? Here is your chance. Professionally built Post and Beam Cabin in quiet neighbourhood at Horsefly Lake, British Columbia / Canada. 16’x20′ on main floor and 9’x16′ loft on 2.3 acre lot. Built in 2010 by Pioneer Log Homes Craftsmen.” (Source)

Here’s What’s Inside this Small Post & Beam Cabin

  • Vinyl windows
  • Pine flooring
  • Pine tongue & groove ceilings & gables
  • Walls have chinked timber effect (not real)
  • 2×6 wall construction
  • Well insulated
  • Electric heat
  • Custom details throughout

On the Outside this Small Cabin Has:

  • Metal roofing
  • Cedar siding
  • 7×14 covered porch
  • Fire pit area
  • Post & Beam outhouse

“Property is walking distance to Horsefly Lake in Central BC / Canada and there is a Private Community Lake Access.  Public Boat Launch one Road over. Phone Service at Property line. Furnishings can be negotiated. CAD $ 124,000.” (source)

Wanna Buy this Little Cabin with Land?

If you’re interested in the cabin the owners, Monika and Sam, are selling it. Contact them here.

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Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss











How Would You Make this Cabin Yours?

Besides what you already liked best about this small house in the trees what would you change or add to make it better for you? Obviously for me I would use it as a full time cabin so I’d add a kitchen and bathroom. I’d have my bedroom upstairs with direct access to one of the balconies and I’d use the rest of the space for the living area, kitchen and bathroom. The only other thing I’d like to squeeze in there is an area to write in. But I’d probably just do that from the balcony. 🙂

How about you? What do you like best about this design and what would you change to make it better for you?

More on this Tree Cabin from the Architect

Architecture: David Matero Architecture

Builder: Brent Akins, Housewright Craftsman

“On the Maine coast , a 350 square foot tree house/play house awaits a family for the summer. The original intention was for a tree house built in the trees, but none on the property could handle the structure. Instead, the tree house, nestled within the trees, perches on a precipice on the water side high off the ground.

Intentional use of all natural material further blends the structure into the landscape. Featuring oil dipped western red cedar shingles, shakes, and trim, the Adirondack style architecture also adds to the natural setting and will be reinforced with future branch and twig railings.

Built for kids, the tree house is secretly for adults, too. The interior of the tree house is exposed rough-sawn Douglas Fir. The windows allow high light to enter, which was very important to the Owner. The tree house includes a sleeping loft and balcony on the second floor.” (Source)

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