Tiny Cabin Kitchen Interior


Photo Credit: Crab Creek Bed & Bale

Check out this beautiful tiny cabin kitchen interior. This fully functioning kitchen is inside one of the cabins available at the Crab Creek Bed & Bale located in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

A great use of space in this kitchen. Stacking the microwave above the apartment size stove/oven. Lots of cabinet space to tuck away dishes, cups and other kitchen supplies.

Just enough space to cook a delicious meal for yourself and loved ones.

Find more information and photos here.

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  1. Apparently you have a different definition of small kitchen. This seem full size to me and rather normal. Must be a slow TH news day.

  2. Ah, jerryd…Alex wrote that it’s a “Tiny CABIN”, not a “Tiny KITCHEN.” He writes that it is a “… fully functioning kitchen.” Perhaps it’s the way the article title is worded, generating confusion.

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