Space Saving Booth Style Kitchen Seating/Dining


Thought you might also like this idea for a space saving dining booth near your kitchen whether you go with a tiny house or a small home. In most RVs you get a set up like this but no storage because it converts into a bed at night. If you go with a more permanent dining arrangement like this, you can add storage drawers into the design to create extra space to store your kitchen goods.

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Tiny Cabin Kitchen Interior


Photo Credit: Crab Creek Bed & Bale

Check out this beautiful tiny cabin kitchen interior. This fully functioning kitchen is inside one of the cabins available at the Crab Creek Bed & Bale located in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

A great use of space in this kitchen. Stacking the microwave above the apartment size stove/oven. Lots of cabinet space to tuck away dishes, cups and other kitchen supplies.

Just enough space to cook a delicious meal for yourself and loved ones.

Find more information and photos here.

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All in One Micro Kitchen Units Great for Tiny Homes?


I just ran into these mini kitchens by a company called Mobilspazio Contract. These kitchen units are great for tiny houses and any small multi-functional space because the entire kitchen can actually be hidden with your choice of a:

  • sliding shutter,
  • hinged door,
  • ledge door,
  • or pocket door.

I like the shutter option. Mobilspazio has been known for creating furniture for hotels. I can see how some of their products might work great for tiny houses, too. What do you think?

Learn more about Mobilspazio’s mini kitchens here.

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Rolling Library Ladders for Tiny House Lofts


Photo Credit Better Home & Gardens (via

Not everyone is down for sleeping lofts in tiny houses for several reasons.. Some just don’t like the risk. Others just aren’t the agile anymore.

But another use for a ladder is to simply get to those out of reach places in the kitchen as shown above. Or to just access your storage loft and get things in and out of there when needed.

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Built in Wood Burning Stove for your Tiny Kitchen


I had to show you this awesome built in wood burning stove that can be used in your future tiny or small house kitchen. Whether it ends up inside or outdoors I thought it was such a cool way to stay off grid and keep things simple.

Project: Ricardo Hachiva Architects. Contractor: Luiz Cláudio Sant’Anna Mendes. Woodwork: Palapa

You can see the entire project/home where this built in wood burning stove is installed right here.

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Little Retro Kitchen


Photo Credit Unknown

” lot of people like cool and trendy things from the past. Things and interiors from 1960s looks great even nowadays especially if they are made from contemporary high quality materials. When it comes to kitchens the retro design is quite popular. It isn’t hard to make your kitchen looks retro. Even modern glossy kitchen furniture can be combined with retro appliances, items of decor and tiles. There are manufacturers who produce retro fridges, ovens and other appliances so they aren’t hard to find. To complete the retro look of your kitchen you can find some of these old radiators that in modern interiors looks ugly but are perfect to add a retro touch.” (Source)

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Pull Out Table for Small Kitchens


I just had to share this pull out table in this really small kitchen. It’s a great idea that any of us can utilize in a tiny house kitchen. In this case it looks like this is a small apartment, studio or flat. Either way it’s a fantastic way to double up on space when it’s limited.

Originally seen here.

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Micro Kitchen in a Tiny House


More photos of this tiny house (the ProtoHaus) available here.

When you’re limited in space the only logical choice is to get creative and develop a smart design that makes the most out of what you have.

And I think this is a great example of just that. What ideas do you have for your own tiny kitchen?

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Interesting Compact Kitchen Design


Photo Credit Unknown

I thought I would share this unique compact kitchen design because I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I’m not actually sure that I even like it or would consider it but I can see how the quirky design would be useful.

Do you think something like this would be worth it in a tiny house? I wish we could see the rest of the home. My guess is that it’s a motorhome or some sort of Park Model mobile or manufactured home.

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How to Design a Space Saving Drawer Under your Sink


I found out about this space saving under the sink drawer idea for your kitchen over on Pinterest and All About You. Then I found the manufacturer of the product which is Blum. They call it the TANDEMBOX Sink Drawer. You can actually order it directly through Amazon right here though.

It’s a drawer that wraps around the sink which is awesome because it uses every available inch of space that’s under there normally goes unused. This allows you to store tiny gadgets and kitchen cleaning materials without having to look at them all the time.

This got me thinking, though, “what other products like this might be available out there?”

And, “can a person who’s handy design and build one of these to custom fit their sink?”

Of course they can! So don’t be shy to show these photos to your carpenter and designer. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is for someone with carpentry experience to create something like this. All they need is the idea.

But for those of you who want something ready made that you can simply order and install I thought I’d do some Amazon research for you so we can see what else is out there. And you can either order one of these directly or use the ideas here to create your own customized version that perfectly fits your design.

Rev-a-Shelf Under Sink Kitchen Storage


More info, reviews and pricing available here. It’s available in a bunch of different sizes like 22″, 13″, 16″, 31″ and 11″.

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Staircase to Loft with Built-in Kitchen Appliances


Photo Credit Unknown

Even though this is not a tiny house (I’m not sure how big it is, actually), I thought this could be of use to those of us who want to make the best use of our space.

Not only do I love the staircase but the appliances seem to fit in perfectly. It’s seamless and streamlined. And I think it’s a great use of space. I would love to see someone use these ideas in a tiny house somehow.

If not, it’s still a great design idea for any sort of foundation tiny or small house, don’t you think? I find it to be such a modern, clean and minimalist look. I really like it.

Could you imagine this sort of idea being cooperated into a tiny house?

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Top 5 Space Saving Spice Racks for your Tiny Kitchen


Photo Credit Unknown

Ideas like this one are essential for tiny house living. This space saving spice rack is the perfect antidote for a micro kitchen where making the best use of space is essential for utility and happiness.

Something like this is relatively simple for most carpenters to put together. Even for someone who doesn’t have that much experience with carpentry can probably design and build something like this from scratch.

It’s a great idea that you can use in a variety of homes like for:

  • RVs
  • Teardrops
  • Tiny Houses
  • Small Homes
  • Cabins
  • Guest Houses
  • Shed Conversions
  • And more..

And if you’re not a DIY person Amazon for instance has a variety of options you can simply order and install easily. Here are my top 5 favorites which also happen to have some great reviews.

1. Spice Rack from Avonstar


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

2. YouCopia Spice Rack


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

3. Axis Under Cabinet Spice Rack


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

4. Spice Rack 18800


Reviews, ordering and price info available here.

5. Avonstar Spice Rack 102


Reviews, ordering and pricing info available here.

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Tiny House Kitchen for a Tall Man


Photo Credit Tall Man Tiny House

This is a problem I’ve came across many times while communicating with others in the tiny house community and on the comments of Tiny House Talk.

“I am trying to make the cross over to simple living/tiny houses but my significant other is over 6ft, I don’t know how he will manage in there.”

I have seen many other tall/large people manage fine in their tiny house and I think it’s all about just being patient and finding or creating the right design that works for you.

And if it doesn’t work out, it’s totally okay! At that point you have to ask yourself, “what’s more important, my significant other or living in a tiny house?”

Then you can make a decision that works for both of you. As long as you really care about the person you’re with, right? People are more important than living tiny.

But anyway, the kitchen above looks suitable for Shaq himself (okay that might be an exaggeration), so none of you should let height or size deter you from pursuing simple living!

And if it is too cramped, consider going small instead of tiny. Like a park model RV or a little cottage. You might also want to read this discussion on Tiny House Talk titled, I Like Tiny Houses But I’m Not Tiny, What Do I Do?

By the way if you want more photos of this house check out this post.

40 Sq. Ft. Tiny Kitchen




I thought you might enjoy this tiny kitchen makeover in this East Village apartment in Manhattan, New York.

One of the best parts too is how it’s all made out of recycled and reclaimed material. From the cabinets and countertops to the sink and stove.

It’s all salvage and restored stuff from the 1950s and 1930s from NYC buildings and such. The designer for this project is Grant Davis Thompson Inc. They also did the construction services. And they had the help of Palmer Thompson-Moss and Isobel Herbold on the design team. I think they did a fantastic job on this project.

You can get more information and photos on this project right here.

Rustic Tiny House Kitchen



Have you ever thought of a kitchen this tiny? This simple?

Built in wall storage. Only what you need and nothing more.

All within reach from one place. Only enough space to do one thing at a time.

How do you feel about downsizing to this extreme? Because going small is one thing, but tiny really does take it to another level.

Is it worth it to you? Why or why not? I’d love to read your comments below.