Interesting Compact Kitchen Design


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I thought I would share this unique compact kitchen design because I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I’m not actually sure that I even like it or would consider it but I can see how the quirky design would be useful.

Do you think something like this would be worth it in a tiny house? I wish we could see the rest of the home. My guess is that it’s a motorhome or some sort of Park Model mobile or manufactured home.

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  1. Much better would be a rounded inside U shape kitchen.. More and more useful space as you lose the corners in this one too. I especially don’t like the pointed corner sticking out. Any outside counter corner should be rounded .

  2. It’s certainly quirky but I don’t think that it gains you that much extra space, for example, the hob/oven section would be just the same if it was straight on. The only thing I see that is a gain is the bin/cupboard under the sink & even then not really because you’re just taking the space from off a traditionally opening cupboard. I think it’s a lethal idea for a tiny space because of the corners (especially if you have kids, elderly or disabled people in the house) and it sticks out more than a regular kitchen & thus takes valuable floor space. So, I really only see the middle round/carousel cupboard to actually be of use (but on the one hand the carousel allows you to reach all things on it more easily without digging to the back, but on the other, you don’t get to fill the entire space, so even that isn’t really that great a space saver). Like I said, I think it’s a quirky attempt to be different, and it certainly achieves that. It looks to me to be a showroom rather than actually inside a property, but I could be wrong there.

    1. I agree on all accounts. Actually didn’t think of the danger of the sticky-outy bits until I read yours, but I did see that you’re losing all that space in the back because of the angles. If you could find a way to use that, like for water tanks, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but still kinda useless, though attractive.

  3. I think its a nice design but I would put big radius cuts on those corners sticking out. At least after the first time my hip bone got nailed for sure lol. I do like how it is a simple flow from the sink to the cutting area to the cook top and then back again. I think this would promote easier washing of dishes used to cook as you use them with it all being in a 90 degree turn standing in one spot. But other than that you aren’t gaining anything here but the removal of straight lines most of all.

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