Smart and Cheap Space Saving Dish Cradle for your Kitchen


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I ran into this dish cradle product that’s made to save a little bit of space in your kitchen cabinets or shelves that I thought I’d share with you since you might get a lot of value out of it. My dishes are square so I’m not exactly sure if these will work for me right now otherwise I’d use them for our tiny kitchen in our micro apartment. It’d definitely create some extra room. I’m on Amazon right now searching to see if there’s a version of it that will work for square plates! I did look at the reviews for this one though and it seems like most customers are really happy with it. Can you think of way that we can do this ourselves for cheap? Maybe even using spare materials from around the house? If not, it’s not a bad deal on Amazon to have it done for you.

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  1. Find some boxes, such as shoe boxes, cut down the sides if necessary and you have basically free dish cradles. Interesting idea that I may try. Having the dishes stacked according to size is good space-wise, but a pain to get the larger plate out when you only need that one, and I’m always afraid of breaking what is on top due to leverage and the weight of the upper dishes.

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