The $10K 192 Sq. Ft. DIY Bachelor Pad Tiny House


Image: Nola

I was so excited to find this DIY 192 sq. ft. “bachelor pad” tiny house that’s made out of mostly recycled materials out in the woods in Covington near New Orleans. And he built it for just $10,000! In fact the homeowner, Ben Hurst, who designed and built it was featured in his local paper recently along with tons of great photos and even a video tour of the home. In the article he also shares some helpful tips if you’re in the process of downsizing, just getting started or just thinking about it.

The best part is that Ben also runs his own blog called Small Home Big Life where he shares lots more photos and information on his tiny house and his homestead. So go check it out!

Video Tour

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  1. He has the right idea but if he wants to farm he also probably wants to own the land he farms. A small plot of land in a very rural area with few building codes would be ideal.


  2. With that lovely set of front steps it’ll likely stay a bachelor’s pad! All that wood, a little time and you could build a porch/deck with a hand rail. Just sayin’.

  3. Again the steps are not finished. Eventually there will be a staircase herb garden and all of the pallets will be covered and you won’t be able to see them.

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