Shipping Containers used to Build a Houseboat


Photo Credit Steve White

“The mantra for the 21st century is to do more with less, and many building pioneers are exploring how to repurpose material to construct homes. A new example can be seen at a marina in Belfast, where Brooklin boatbuilder Steve White has parked his new houseboat, constructed from shipping containers.” (source)

According to one of our awesome readers, Robert F., Steve White (the builder) is the son of Joel White who was known as one of the best boat designers. Joel’s father was author E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web). Interesting, right?!



Read the original article and see interior photos here.

Thank you Robert F. for sending this one in!

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Reclaimed Tiny Cabin in the Angeles National Forest








This is Daniel Kent’s cabin by a stream in the Angeles National Forest in southern California. He used to be an actor but he has lots of other talents, too. He can brew his own beer, roast his own coffee, teach and run his own business (he owns a coffee shop).

His cabin is home and was designed by a shipbuilder who is good at making the most out of small spaces. The ladder to the loft is retractable, the couch and coffee table turns into a guest bed, and it is made out of reclaimed wood from another cabin that used to be on the property.

Read more and see more over at Brian Ferry’s page here.

Via Yeahokbye

Photographer: Brian Ferry @ The Blue Hour

Some of Brian’s prints are available to purchase here.

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The Flying Tortoise Tiny House

Flying Tortoise Tiny House

I don’t know about you but some of my favorite tiny houses are those which the owner/builders have put in the time to design and build with reclaimed materials. And Colin’s coastal cabin totally embodies that look and feel with his tiny rolling house.

Using Reclaimed Materials to Build Tiny

Colin’s friend, Steve, taught him how to use salvaged materials a few months prior to getting started. Get the complete tour and story of how it was built over here at Kent’s blog post on Colin’s tiny house.

How the Heck do you Build on Wheels?

Colin, the owner/builder of this house, also used Go House Go by Dee Williams and the Tiny House Construction Guide by Dan Louche to learn how to build it and to guide him through the processes of building a wood framed house onto a trailer.

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The $10K 192 Sq. Ft. DIY Bachelor Pad Tiny House


Image: Nola

I was so excited to find this DIY 192 sq. ft. “bachelor pad” tiny house that’s made out of mostly recycled materials out in the woods in Covington near New Orleans. And he built it for just $10,000! In fact the homeowner, Ben Hurst, who designed and built it was featured in his local paper recently along with tons of great photos and even a video tour of the home. In the article he also shares some helpful tips if you’re in the process of downsizing, just getting started or just thinking about it.

The best part is that Ben also runs his own blog called Small Home Big Life where he shares lots more photos and information on his tiny house and his homestead. So go check it out!

Video Tour

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Modern Recycled Home Made of Shipping Containers




Modern Shipping Container Home Floor Plan



Interior of this Modern Shipping Container House Finished

worldflexhome 2012

worldflexhome 2012

worldflexhome 2012


worldflexhome 2012

worldflexhome 2012

worldflexhome 2012

Credits for this World Flex Home Shipping Container Modern House

Architects: Arcgency.
Contributors: World Flex Home (WFH), Danish Technological Institute.
Engineering and Sloth Møller Henrik Sørensen.
Photograph: Jens Markus Lindhe and Mads Møller.

“Although built in the city of Wuxi (China), the design of the prototype has been developed in Denmark. World Flex Home is a modular system in which the structure is composed of stacked containers 12 m long and 2.5 m high and 2.5 m wide, approx. This two-story apartment together is just one example of the many versions of home that each customer can customize through an online tool that allows you to define the surface, the height, the interior layout, facades, etc” (source)

Learn more and read the original post here.

Using Recycled Materials to Build Future Homes

I’m always inspired by projects that use old materials like used shipping containers as the base or at least as part of the overall design for a new house, even if it doesn’t end up being very tiny (like this one). For me it’s just interesting to see people use what’s already been manufactured and used to build something new and useful.

How Will You Use Reclaimed Materials to Build Your Future Tiny/Small House?

What ideas and plans do you already have in mind for your future home for using reclaimed materials? Will you build using wood that used to be part of an old barn? Will you use an existing utility trailer as the foundation for your future tiny house?

More Smaller Container Converted Houses You Might Also Enjoy

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Simple Living in a Converted School Bus


I thought you might find this converted school bus a bit inspiring for simple living. I’ve always liked the idea of using reclaimed materials to build a home. And even better the idea of using something like an old school bus or even a used shipping container to create a new home.

And this photo just says so much to me. This couple looks to be focused on the right things. Each other. And their new family (she looks pregnant). Keeping things simple, not worrying about money and just building a good life without using or needing much.

Photographer and Original Source Unknown

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Shipping Container Tiny House in Bonaire


Thought you would also like this shipping container to tiny cabin conversion over in Bonaire.

I absolutely love the way they did it. It looks like they used two containers but my favorite part is the outdoor space that wraps around the structure.

That’s where I’d spend most of my time. Enjoying the views and the fresh air.

For more info and pics on this shipping container project click here.

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Funky Artist Tiny Houses


Photo Credit: Unknown

It’s hard for me to tell if this is real or not. It looks like it might be Photoshopped or at least Photoshop enhanced.

Even if it is, the idea is just awesome. I would guess that the materials came from an old recycled barn somewhere and something this funky and unique would only be done by an experienced artist.

Absolutely beautiful. I would use the structure to the right to live in and the other one as some sort of workshop for all of my projects. And I imagine that if this is real, that’s what the owner built it for and uses it for.

But my question is what would you do with it?

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Grooms House by Tiny Texas Houses


Don’t miss the interior of the grooms house (I like to call it the RRR house because it’s Rustic, Recycled & Reclaimed) below.


There’s the groom house by Texas Tiny Houses (built using mostly reclaimed materials!) “flying” to its destination.


Photo Credit Tiny Texas Houses

You can find more photos of these two rustic reclaimed beauties right here.

Have you seen Brad’s tiny victorian cottage I blogged about and made a video of on Tiny House Talk?

I’m curious, would you build your tiny house out of reclaimed materials like this or would you rather buy new or maybe even “green” rated materials?

40 Sq. Ft. Tiny Kitchen




I thought you might enjoy this tiny kitchen makeover in this East Village apartment in Manhattan, New York.

One of the best parts too is how it’s all made out of recycled and reclaimed material. From the cabinets and countertops to the sink and stove.

It’s all salvage and restored stuff from the 1950s and 1930s from NYC buildings and such. The designer for this project is Grant Davis Thompson Inc. They also did the construction services. And they had the help of Palmer Thompson-Moss and Isobel Herbold on the design team. I think they did a fantastic job on this project.

You can get more information and photos on this project right here.