College Students Build $489 Tiny House






Images © Bryan Houlgrave/The Register

Interview with Students who Built $489 Tiny House

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The Haggard 10′ x 10′ DIY Tiny House


This one was built by one of Michael Janzen’s readers. He was so inspired by everyone’s tiny housing ideas that he decided to build his own. And- he’s almost finished!

More photos and info over at this post on Michael’s Tiny House Living.

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DIY Homemade Bench with Built in Storage





Thought you would also like this awesome DIY homemade bench with built in storage used in a kitchen to store food goodies. Great idea for a tiny/small house, don’t you think?

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The Big Maroon: Custom Housetruck by Federal Motorhome Company







“All design, fabrication, assembly, carpentry and cabinet work, except as noted in the acknowledgements below, were performed by The Federal Motorhome Company, under the direction of CEO John M. Driscoll. My wife and partner, Valerie, accepted the responsibility for esthetic considerations, such as colors, fabric, and furniture. Her choices helped transform this vehicle into a home. The project has been a great journey over the past 42 years. We have traveled about 40,000 miles through 20 states and Canada and the time we have spent living and raising our family in it probably adds up to a year.” (source)

The house has been built onto a 1949 Federal flatbed farm truck which he bought in 1971 for just $125.

Learn more about this housetruck here.

See more photos here.

The Big Maroon has also recently been seen at The Flying Tortoise blog by Keith Levy and Tiny House Living by Michael Janzen.

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The SIP Tiny House on Wheels











This SIP Tiny House is built using Structurally Insulated Panels. This means that once the design is complete you can have the panels used to build the main components of the home cut by a manufacturer of SIPs.

Then you can gather friends to help put it together using a screw gun and construction glue. At this point you have your basic shell completed and fully insulated.

“The panels allow someone with out the technical knowledge of framing a house to erect a structure that is stronger and better insulated in a weekend.  I hope you are inspired to create your own tiny house and that you now have an example of a different construction method to explore.” – Art,

You can also learn more details about this SIP tiny house and how SIPs work on this post over at Tiny House Talk.

More photos and information are also available at Art’s blog.

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Jess & Dan’s Tiny Home on Wheels: Couple Living Tiny & Mortgage-Free









Images: Living in a Tiny House

Video Tour of Jess & Dan’s DIY Tiny House on Wheels

Learn more and see more of Jess & Dan’s tiny house project over at their blog and Facebook Page.

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Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home: Aerodynamic Tiny Living for Travelers?









I’m just so impressed with this teardrop trailer tiny home because it has so many useful features packed into a small and aerodynamic package which makes it great for those of us who want to use our build for traveling. For me I’ve always wanted to adventure with a tiny house on wheels but I soon realized that it’s sort of impractical because they’re heavy and huge compared to travel trailers. But here’s a solution that works and you can still get that homemade wood/cabin feel that’s so attractive with tiny stick built homes on trailers.

See more pics, learn more, and see how it was built over at the builder/owners blog.

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DIY Hidden TV Cabinet for your Tiny House




“Well I broke down prior to the Olympics and installed a Cabinet at the front door. The purpose of the Cabinet was to house my flat screen TV. I did not want to mount it on the wall without having the option of being able to cover it up. So I built a cover which you can see above that cover where the TV is mounted. I have very little shelf space so this has been a good addition in that regard.” (source)

Image credit: Zboatman

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How to Build a Staircase with Storage for your Tiny Home

How to build a staircase with storage for your tiny house

I thought you would also enjoy this step by step tutorial on how to build a staircase with storage for your tiny home in case you’re a DIYer and will be or are currently building a tiny house for yourself. Andrew Morrison, of Tiny House Build, shows you how step by step.

Head on over to his blog to follow his staircase construction tutorial.

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$5k Tiny Cabin on a Foundation: Mortgage-free Living!













Many times we get discouraged with the pricing found for tiny houses. In most cases they end up in the $20,000 to $50,000 range and they’re even smaller than this house. Most of it is due to the cost of materials including the trailer, labor, and high end materials used to build. But if building a humble home is your main goal.. So you can start living the mortgage-free lifestyle, I’d recommend to look here. This project only ran about $5,000 according to the owner/builder and it serves perfectly as a small cabin that gives you what we all want… freedom!

It took the owner 6 months to build using free time on the weekends. It was done back in 2005.

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” ~Carl Sandburg

More info over at Reddit and photos here.

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How to Make your own DIY Pallet Nightstands

DIY Pallet Nightstands

Don’t want to pay ridiculous prices for furniture that can be made for FREE from materials that would otherwise be wasted? Mean either! That’s why I thought you’d like this article on how to make your own DIY nightstands out of pallet wood.

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$500 DIY Freedom Cabin: Couple Quit their Jobs and Build This

$500 DIY Freedom Cabin

“In 2012, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz quit their jobs and set off to build a glass cabin in the mountains of West Virginia.” (source)

Video Documentary

This story was also featured in the Huffington Post: Cozy Mountain Cabin Built From Repurposed Windows Costs Just $500 To Make (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The $10K 192 Sq. Ft. DIY Bachelor Pad Tiny House


Image: Nola

I was so excited to find this DIY 192 sq. ft. “bachelor pad” tiny house that’s made out of mostly recycled materials out in the woods in Covington near New Orleans. And he built it for just $10,000! In fact the homeowner, Ben Hurst, who designed and built it was featured in his local paper recently along with tons of great photos and even a video tour of the home. In the article he also shares some helpful tips if you’re in the process of downsizing, just getting started or just thinking about it.

The best part is that Ben also runs his own blog called Small Home Big Life where he shares lots more photos and information on his tiny house and his homestead. So go check it out!

Video Tour

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DIY Tiny Cabin with Deck: Less than $20k to Build?


Image: Wildwood Cottage Resort

There’s something so inspiring to me about tiny cabins like this. First is the fact that you can easily build something like this yourself pretty easily and affordably as long as you have the land already. Depending on where you get your materials and if you do the labor yourself, something like this could cost you way under $20,000. If you happen to get your appliances, windows, doors and other things like that used or recycled you can really bring the price of your build down. How much do you think it would cost you to build a cabin like this yourself?

Learn more about this DIY tiny cabin here.

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Tiny Log Cabin with Screened in Porch on a Budget


Photo Credit Unknown

If you’re a fan of tiny log cabins like I am I thought you’d also love this one. Notice how they used an all-in-one kitchen unit to complete the kitchen area. The cabin is really basic but seems built to high quality standards. I’d enjoy the all wood interior, how about you?

It’s interesting too how you can’t see the porch in the second photo. I take it that it was added on later on along with the deck. That’s one of the best parts about building on your own land on a normal foundation because you can always add on quite easily and inexpensively.

What would you guess the budget for this project was? I’d say somewhere around $12,000 for materials at most. That figure, of course, doesn’t include paying for labor as I’m assuming it was a DIY project.

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How to Build a DIY Small Cabin on a Budget


I wanted to have a cabin on my property for quite some time now but with the economy, The prices of having one built has more than doubled… So i had to build it myself . Six years ago i bought a 12×16 shed from a well known company by where i live. It cost 2,000.00 for them to build it and drop it off.  Now that same building  would cost 4200,00 dollars.After i was finished with this building with the door and 3 windows the total amount i spent was 2200.00 dollars.” (Source)

Step 1: Footers and floor joists

Step 2: Drilling and planting posts

Step 3: Setting the center and rafter board

Step 4: Making the angles for the top and bottom of rafters

Step 5: Setting the rafters

Step 6: Adding on a 4 foot porch

Step 7: Side wall

Step 8: Lag bolting the outer joists to the 4×4 poles

Step 9: Hurricane studs

Step 10: Floor joists, insulation and flooring

Step 11: Rough sawn lumber for 8 inch board and batten siding

Step 12: Studding the porch ceiling

Step 13: Studding the front wall and framing door

Step 14: Gable ends

Step 15: Finishing touches

Start from scratch here.

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Cheap Way to Create Double DIY Curtains using Existing Rod


I just had to share this quick and easy idea on how you can create double curtains using your existing rod for really cheap and then you don’t have to buy new rods. All you do is use bungee cords to instantly create the 2nd rod needed and add your curtains.

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How to Build a DIY Hidden Pull Out Craft Table


Photo Credit Bubblewrappd

The creator of this awesome DIY hidden crafts table that you can pull out at anytime when you’re ready to create has actually shared how to build one for yourself step by step. You can even get the complete material list and everything right here.

If you’re not the DIY type the blogger’s husband is actually offering to build one for you. You can find more info on how you can order one and how much it would cost right here. I don’t want to post the price in case it changes in the future but it should remain less than $500 including shipping/labor/materials.

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Matthew’s Tiny House Interiors and his Top 6 Tiny House Tips


More current pics of the interior and exterior here. I originally blogged about Matthew Wolpe’s project here where you can see construction pictures. To read Matthew’s top 6 tips on building tiny houses click here.