The SIP Tiny House on Wheels











This SIP Tiny House is built using Structurally Insulated Panels. This means that once the design is complete you can have the panels used to build the main components of the home cut by a manufacturer of SIPs.

Then you can gather friends to help put it together using a screw gun and construction glue. At this point you have your basic shell completed and fully insulated.

“The panels allow someone with out the technical knowledge of framing a house to erect a structure that is stronger and better insulated in a weekend.¬† I hope you are inspired to create your own tiny house and that you now have an example of a different construction method to explore.” – Art,

You can also learn more details about this SIP tiny house and how SIPs work on this post over at Tiny House Talk.

More photos and information are also available at Art’s blog.

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Tiny Cabin with Deck as Artist Studio Space


Photo Credit Destination OM

This is a backyard shed or cabin that was built to work in. It’s the Destination OM Studio where the owner creates custom malas.

If you’re into yoga and meditation, you’ll also find this cool. But if you’re just more interested in how they built this tiny house studio there are a bunch of construction photos available here.


Photo Credit Destination OM

For more photos of this shed for working click here. To shop for malas from the owner click here.

I love when entrepreneurs use tiny structures to help them be creative and offer their service to the world.

What would you use a tiny house for? Would you write in it, do woodworking, meditate, paint, or anything else?