Combo Micro Oven and Stove Top for Tiny Houses


I thought you might be interested in this micro oven and stove top combo which would be great for small kitchens especially in a tiny house.

Thanks Jens J. for sending this to me.

I think it’s a great combination unit because you can use it as an oven, toaster, for baking, and of course it has the dual burner cook top as well.

It comes with a baking pan, rotisserie rod and baking grille.

Learn more about it, read reviews, and order it here.

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Built in Wood Burning Stove for your Tiny Kitchen


I had to show you this awesome built in wood burning stove that can be used in your future tiny or small house kitchen. Whether it ends up inside or outdoors I thought it was such a cool way to stay off grid and keep things simple.

Project: Ricardo Hachiva Architects. Contractor: Luiz Cláudio Sant’Anna Mendes. Woodwork: Palapa

You can see the entire project/home where this built in wood burning stove is installed right here.

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