Shipping Containers used to Build a Houseboat


Photo Credit Steve White

“The mantra for the 21st¬†century is to do more with less, and many building pioneers are exploring how to repurpose material to construct homes. A new example can be seen at a marina in Belfast, where Brooklin boatbuilder Steve White has parked his new houseboat, constructed from shipping containers.” (source)

According to one of our awesome readers, Robert F., Steve White (the builder) is the son of Joel White who was known as one of the best boat designers. Joel’s father was author E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web). Interesting, right?!



Read the original article and see interior photos here.

Thank you Robert F. for sending this one in!

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Arkiboat Modern Tiny Houseboat on Pontoons









“Architecturally designed, each Arkiboat Houseboat is a creation of each owners imagination. All we provide you with are some guidelines and basic designs, and you the customer create the rest to suit your needs, tastes and desires. And the best thing about an Arkiboat, is you can change your address whenever you like.” (source)

More info and photos here.

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Simple Living in a Tiny Houseboat







This tiny houseboat is located in the Fox Point Marina in Providence, Rhode Island near College Hill, Brown University and Downtown Providence so it’s in an excellent location. It has a spacious living area, open kitchen, full bathroom, and two lofted beds. Learn more here.

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24′ Trailerable Folding Houseboat

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-01

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-02

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-03

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-04

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-05

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-06

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-07

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-08

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-09

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-10

I received this entry from one of our readers who I’m pretty sure designed this himself. It’s a trailerable folding houseboat. Which means.. It can function as a travel trailer AND a houseboat.

The best part is that since it folds it can meet the public road standard since it goes down to 8′ wide when folded. Then, when you get it on the water, you can unfold it and enjoy a wrap around deck which is just awesome. Great thinking!

Thanks for sharing your breakthrough 24′ trailerable folding houseboat design with us, Peter!

What do you like best about this trailerable houseboat design? Is there anything that you think could easily be improved? Please- share in the comments below!

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