Tiny Log Cabin with Screened in Porch on a Budget


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If you’re a fan of tiny log cabins like I am I thought you’d also love this one. Notice how they used an all-in-one kitchen unit to complete the kitchen area. The cabin is really basic but seems built to high quality standards. I’d enjoy the all wood interior, how about you?

It’s interesting too how you can’t see the porch in the second photo. I take it that it was added on later on along with the deck. That’s one of the best parts about building on your own land on a normal foundation because you can always add on quite easily and inexpensively.

What would you guess the budget for this project was? I’d say somewhere around $12,000 for materials at most. That figure, of course, doesn’t include paying for labor as I’m assuming it was a DIY project.

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Log Cabin on Wheels with Covered Porch For Sale ($3,500)






“One-of-a-kind dual axle log cabin trailer with porch. This is your chance to own something NO ONE ELSE HAS!!! It will attract attention. It always has for me. Built out of landscape timbers. Wired for electricity inside with 8 outlets and 2 overhead lights. Trailer wired and roadworthy. Includes 12V chest type refrigerator which works great.
Need to sell as have decided to travel around America and will no longer need this unit.” (Source)

I think this is a great deal for just $3,500, how about you? It’s located in Raleigh, NC in case you’re interested. See the original listing here for the seller’s contact information.

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Cabin Fever


This is a cabin that was restored by John and Caroyln Malone located in Madison, Georgia.

The dwelling above is actually their getaway guest house.

Check out the rest of their property below.


The log cabin on the right is the main house and the left cabin is the kitchen which are connected by a breezeway in the middle.

The interior is a classic throwback of old school log cabins with live nature and a taste of class.


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19th Century Log Cabin: Original Tiny Houses?

Pioneer Cabin 24

Tiny log cabins like this were usually built by pioneers in the 19th century.

I’ve always had a thing for log cabins and really any structures that past the test of time.

I guess these were some of the more “original” tiny houses, aren’t they? Besides whatever came before them, right?