From Basement to Tiny & Bright Beachside Studio Conversion















This to me is an absolute dreamy apartment. I love the white color throughout because it makes it feels more open and spacious. And I also like the location because it’s by the beach. If you know me, you know I love being close to the water.. Especially the ocean. Another reason I like this conversion so much is that it used to be a basement! And for me it’s always exciting to see people convert their garages, basements, sheds and turn them into something so beautiful, useful and functional like this. Get more info and photos on this tiny apartment studio that was once a basement right here.

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Tiny Barn House in the Desert

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-01

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-02

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-03

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-04

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-05

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-06

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-07

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-08

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-09

Images: Airbnb

I think this two story tiny barn house with a loft is a great example of tiny house design and living because there’s no unnecessary space left in designs like this. You get what you absolutely need and nothing else. And this one is well done, too with beautiful decorations. The only downside is that in this case you’ve got a separate structure as an outhouse and shower that’s just a few steps away. And it has nice views of the mountains and sunsets next to Joshua Tree National Park.

This tiny barn is available to stay in, too. Click here for more info.

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DIY Tiny Kitchen in a Studio

Tiny Kitchen

I thought you might also enjoy this unique DIY tiny kitchen that Cheryl Spelts built for her photography studio. She pretty much has it all! Everything but counter space and a kitchen sink. She even seems to have a dishwasher! But yeah, no sink. Definitely a sign of a DIY project, right? I’m sure there’s a sink you can use nearby since it’s a small studio. And I’m sure she can always add a sink if she wanted. Anyway go check out the rest of Cheryl’s studio over at her site.

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518 Sq. Ft. Studio with Hidden Office


Image: Apartment Therapy

Building a loft is a great way to add more room to small spaces. Whether you’re in an apartment, regular house or cabin. Elevating your sleeping area creates more space you can use directly below instantly. In this case an office was created with the space. And if you look closely you can tell that this is not a very expensive project and yet it can add so much to a space that’s 1,000 sq. ft. or less. It’s interesting, too, how they decided to use a material that you can see through a little bit instead of the normal everyday drywall.

See the rest of the apartment at Apartment Therapy’s original entry on this small space here.

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