Comanche Cocoon Handmade Teardrop Camper for sale





“The trailer pictured is our prototype model, the first one we’ve built. We’ve taken it all over the U.S. and it’s getting ready for a trip to Yellowstone this summer. While the prototype is not currently for sale, we would like to build you an identical BRAND NEW Comanche Cocoon Camper. Fully loaded price of $9500 will include: LCD TV/DVD/Game Console/Air Conditioner/Rooftop Fan/Locking Doors/Sliding Windows with screen/Full Kitchen Galley/Deep Cycle 12V Battery/Mattress/110V connections/Inverter/custom paint job of your choice/etc.) Your camper will be constructed from scratch in 6-8 weeks. You can pick it up from us in McKinney, TX…or for a small fee we’ll deliver it to you anywhere in the U.S.(we love road trips).” (source)

Weight: 1440 lbs.

Dimensions: 6′ high, 11′ long and 7′ wide

Interior dimensions: 5′ wide, 8′ long and 4′ high

Features: A/C, roof fan/vent, AC/DC power, custom wood accents, bumper, and more.

Read the entire description here.

About the Builders

“We like old stuff….not sure why…but we do. We drive old cars, wear old clothes, look at old pictures, decorate with old trash. New stuff sucks.” (source)

Check out their Etsy store here.

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Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home: Aerodynamic Tiny Living for Travelers?









I’m just so impressed with this teardrop trailer tiny home because it has so many useful features packed into a small and aerodynamic package which makes it great for those of us who want to use our build for traveling. For me I’ve always wanted to adventure with a tiny house on wheels but I soon realized that it’s sort of impractical because they’re heavy and huge compared to travel trailers. But here’s a solution that works and you can still get that homemade wood/cabin feel that’s so attractive with tiny stick built homes on trailers.

See more pics, learn more, and see how it was built over at the builder/owners blog.

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