Amazing Treehouse Micro Cabin You Can Actually Live in






















This amazing micro cabin treehouse is located in Tregaminion, St. Keverne, England, United Kingdom. It’s set in an ash tree with incredible views of the countryside and the sea. It’s right by Falmouth Bay so I’m sure there are some incredible sunsets.

The treehouse itself has a double bed, seating area, micro kitchen, and bathroom with composting toilet. Access to the cabin is via a wooden staircase.

A Treehouse Poem

A tree house, a free house,
A secret you and me house,
A high up in the leafy branches
Cozy as can be house.

A street house, a neat house,
Be sure and wipe your feet house
Is not my kind of house at all-
Let’s go live in a tree house.

Shel Silverstein


More info and pics are available at the Airbnb listing for this treehouse. It’s available as a vacation rental in case you’re interested someday.

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DIY Modern Micro Cabin up in the Trees


“It is technically not a treehouse, but rather a house up in the trees given we did not use a tree as a support, BUT, we still call it the treehouse; one word. I know, we are annoying that way.

The platform is 8 x 12 and the house part is 8 x 8 feet – We chose these dimensions to minimize waste by using standard, big box lumber lengths.” (source)

See more photos and learn more over here at ModFrugal.

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Tree House in Blue Mountains, Canada

Need a fun place to stay in Heathcote, Canada? What about a Tree House?


Stay in this cozy tree house amongst the sound on crickets.  Wake up near the Beaver River where you can kayak or canoe.  Then head across the street to find delicious local-made pastries.


Check out this cool sleeping loft with wooden stairs.


Nothing like a rustic bathroom to become one with mother nature. Enjoy the view!

Find this Tree House for rent here. Rent a room in this 3 bedroom tree house today.

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Treehouse Sleeper Cabin you can Rent in Cave Junction, OR


Photo Credit

How would you like to stay in a treehouse cabin that’s elevated up in the air? Giving you beautiful views of the forest surrounding you while enjoying that peaceful feeling that goes with being in an all wood structure. I encourage you to take the rest of the tour over at my original post about this treehouse cabin rental. And you can always consider renting this cabin for your next vacation here.

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Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss











How Would You Make this Cabin Yours?

Besides what you already liked best about this small house in the trees what would you change or add to make it better for you? Obviously for me I would use it as a full time cabin so I’d add a kitchen and bathroom. I’d have my bedroom upstairs with direct access to one of the balconies and I’d use the rest of the space for the living area, kitchen and bathroom. The only other thing I’d like to squeeze in there is an area to write in. But I’d probably just do that from the balcony. 🙂

How about you? What do you like best about this design and what would you change to make it better for you?

More on this Tree Cabin from the Architect

Architecture: David Matero Architecture

Builder: Brent Akins, Housewright Craftsman

“On the Maine coast , a 350 square foot tree house/play house awaits a family for the summer. The original intention was for a tree house built in the trees, but none on the property could handle the structure. Instead, the tree house, nestled within the trees, perches on a precipice on the water side high off the ground.

Intentional use of all natural material further blends the structure into the landscape. Featuring oil dipped western red cedar shingles, shakes, and trim, the Adirondack style architecture also adds to the natural setting and will be reinforced with future branch and twig railings.

Built for kids, the tree house is secretly for adults, too. The interior of the tree house is exposed rough-sawn Douglas Fir. The windows allow high light to enter, which was very important to the Owner. The tree house includes a sleeping loft and balcony on the second floor.” (Source)

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Treehouse Cabin with Stairs and Deck in the Netherlands









Can you imagine staying a tiny treehouse cabin like this? I can almost hear the sound of the leaves as the wind gusts come and go.

Only downfall is that there doesn’t seem to be plumbing. You have to take a short walk to use a refrigerator, bathroom, etc.

More info and pics on this treehouse in the Netherlands available here.

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Tiny Treehouse Cabin with a Balcony


I can’t seem to figure out how you get up there but this tiny treehouse cabin with a balcony made my jaw drop this morning. What a spectacular view from up there and I’m a sucker for balconies, too, even though I’m a little afraid of heights.

If only there were some sort of lift to help get us up there, right? Now that would be cool. Because climbing up and down this thing would be the scariest part of it all.


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Tiny Treehouse Cabin


Wanted to show you this beautiful treehouse cabin in the woods. It’s hard for me to figure out whether or not they used a spiral staircase to get up there or some other method? Either way looks like an awesome getaway cabin up in the trees. And it seems like there’s enough space to include all the amenities of home. Can’t beat the upstairs balcony with a view either!

Photo credit unknown (via Pinterest)

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Tiny Treehouse Bungalow with Ocean View in Hawaii



















This tiny treehouse bungalow/cabin is just 250 square feet and has a loft up top with a full size cotton futon and another full lounger below. The best part? The windows and view of the ocean.

Even the shower has a glimpse of the water. On the property you’ll find two other rental cabins along with a communal yoga deck that also overlooks the ocean.

To learn more and possibly even book your stay in this treehouse click here.

We have boards for you to use, kitesurfing, windsurfing, standup-paddle, even a kayak… and we love sharing our (30+ years) local knowledge.

The north shore features world famous beaches for surfing and spectating sept-april. Our summer tends to be calmer and swimming, sunning, stand-up paddle boarding and windsports are the call. December books up early for world championship surf contests, when the north shore is a mecca of surf excitement.

The island of oahu is a treasure trove of adventure with helicopter tours, horseback riding, kayaking, whale watching, and sightseeing. take in a lagoon swim at beautiful Waimea falls and park, or attend a traditional luau and island show at the polynesian cultural center, just 9 miles from your jungle nest. There are Bicycles for your use and a 4 mile path along the beach for that.” (Source)

Learn more about this bungalow treehouse and book your stay here if you want to.

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Tiny Round Cob House: The She Cave




Photo Credits YouTube/Faircompanies

This is part of a homestead of tiny houses. There’s a treehouse, 3 cobs and a recycled small house made out of streetcars on the property. Learn more at this post.

More photos and a video tour are available here. Read the original story here. This homestead is available for sale right now if you want more info on that get it here.

Flying Treehouse Cabin at an Eco Lodge


For me this is the ultimate getaway/retreat when you really want to unplug and get away from it all.

I’d come here and shut off my phone and just relax either by myself or with someone special to me.

It seems like a great place to recharge the batteries, read, relax, reflect and maybe even create and plan.

If you’re interested in staying at this eco lodge you can get more info here.

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Tiny Cabin Treehouse


Photo Credit Unknown

Here’s a tiny cabin/treehouse that I thought you would like. Although it was obviously built for kids, wouldn’t it make a great cabin/retreat?

And for those of us who want an off grid cabin, this would be a pretty neat way to do it. Even if it’s done with stilts instead of trees.

I just like the elevation and the views that go along with it. I’m curious, what unique ideas do you have that make your future tiny/small house or cabin funky and different?

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Tiny Cabin with Beach View in Hawaii


This is a tiny cabin (that feels like a treehouse) you can rent located literally right by the beach of North Shore in Hawaii as you will be able to see in the pics below. This is just one vacation I am so in love with (and am probably going to start saving up for to go myself).

As you can see the exterior really fits the setting of a treehouse in Hawaii and I really like how it’s surrounded by all types of trees (avocado, banyan, mango) and black lava rock which makes it feel like the perfect sheltered getaway.

The host of this cabin/treehouse says that some of his guests visit specifically to meditate and do yoga so there is a huge communal yoga deck overlooking the beach on the same property.

The unit itself is 250 square feet and features a very impressive interior which you can see below.


I love this view from the treehouse overlooking the beach (which the host states is world famous for surfing).


Another stunning view of this awesome treehouse below.


Something the host noted that I found interesting is that Hawaii is home to some of the best grown organic foods in the world which locals call “food of the Gods”.

I really encourage you to see the many more photos the host has here as they are all breathtaking and check out the great reviews from the guests that have already visited. Makes me really want to go!

Help Us Save This Tiny Beachfront Treehouse in Florida

Save this Tiny TreeHouse in Florida

Sign the petition right here to help us save this tiny treehouse named Anna Mariah in Florida. Every signature counts and it only takes a minute or two. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can actually save it? Click here to sign it. Thanks Jay Shafer for bring it to our attention.