JakPak: Wearable Shelter if you’re Thinking about Backpacking

JakPak Wearable Shelter

Images: JakPak

Video: How the JakPak Works: Wearable Shelter/Tent

Video 2: Review of the JakPak

How the JakPak Works

Get more info about the JakPak here.

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Handmade Matt’s Portable DIY Tiny Cabin (Video)








Matt built this cabin himself on a twin axle flat bed trailer. It has a completely functional kitchen and bathroom with composting toilet. It even has hot and running cold water. Watch the video tour below to get the complete look and feel of it, I think you’ll find it pretty amazing (I did).

The cabin has a 490watt solar system and is parked by his yurt which I think is such a perfect combination. In total he spent just about $4,080 to build it. More photos and info over here at Matt’s blog.

Video Tour

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Introducing: Tiny House Giant Journey

Tiny House Giant Journey

Tiny House Giant Journey

I just got in touch with the folks over at Tiny House Giant Journey, Guillaume and Jenna, who are building their own tiny house on wheels so that they can travel around North America.

An Adventurous Couple in their 20s

As you can probably already tell they’re an adventurous young couple in their 20s living in LA and building this DIY traveling little house.

About Guillaume

Guillaume was an engineer and is now a full time builder of his own house and photographer. Check out his photo site here.

About Jenna

Jenna works in the film industry and is also a writer. You can see her work here.

Videos of their Project

Leveling their Trailer

Trailer Insulation

Foam Boards for Insulation

Expanding Foam

Sheathing the Floor

More videos here.

The Journey

Together they will be filming and photographing the entire project where you can follow along over at their site, Tiny House Giant Journey. They’ve also got a great YouTube channel going that I recommend you to subscribe to. And if you’re on Facebook you can follow their page here.

Interview with Guillaume and Jenna

Listen in (free) right here over at the Tiny r(E)volution.

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Dentist goes from Big House and Ferrari to Tiny House and 300 Possessions


Image: Matt Christensen

Watch this quick mini tiny house documentary on the interesting story of how a dentist named Kai Schaede who lives in Germany went from living in a really large house with a Ferrari to pairing down to just 300 things and living in a tiny house that he built himself after being inspired by Jay Shafer. Now he builds tiny houses for others and inspires others with his projects. Check out his website. Watch the documentary.