The Dream House To Go by Upper Valley Tiny Homes

  • 8×26
  • Built-in shed
  • Triple-axle trailer

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  1. I like it but there is just to much paint for me I would have liked a little real wood, and not just the laminate flooring…!

  2. So many poor design decisions…Overall, this project ignored real-life use. The stove and kitchen sink placement should be swapped because of poor appliance clearance: Oven door cannot be opened while standing in front of it and the wall inhibits use of your left hand for holding pan handles or using cooking utensils. Poor plumbing design = extra expenses; the kitchen sink should be to the left of the stove and closer to the washing machine. You cannot comfortably use the bathroom sink because the toilet is in the way. Why not put the bathroom sink on the right-hand side of the vanity?? It’d be closer to the washer and kitchen sink…and that would have made for less plumbing materials expense…Toilets shouldn’t face out the door into a kitchen…And though it’s a funky/fun idea, the stairs are a design failure — the treads’ arrangement make for an awkward climb, the mid-size “landing” blocks most of the window; the top landing leaves a weird little step to the sleeping platform. The trim is disproportionately large for all the windows. That being said, I like the wall, door and floor color combination and the black pipe railing works for me.

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