Tiny Cottage in Open Field

Cottage lodging

I really love this tiny cottage located in Ontario, Canada. Looks like a regular traditional cottage but this one in particular is especially small.

It’s a little deceptive because seems to have a decent amount of width to it if you look closely.  I would still guess that it’s right around 100 square feet, what do you think?

Notice the surroundings, oh how I would love to step out of that door in the morning to the smell of some open field breeze. Wouldn’t it be perfect to wake up and take a seat in one of those chairs and enjoy some fresh orange juice, coffee or whatever you enjoy? Sorry if I’m going on that’s just what comes to my mind when I imagine myself there!

Anyways, this cottage looks to be sitting on a nice piece of land possibly owned by someone else. Who knows… maybe the owner has many acres and owns a regular house and just uses that cottage as a sort of getaway or as a rental?

What would you use it for? Could you see yourself living in there? What do you think about having a community of these type of cottages in a big space of land?

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