Tiny House on Wheels with an Addition


Photo Credit Timothy/Tiny Home Builders

I wanted to share Timothy’s tiny house design with you today. I got to meet him at the Atlantia, Georgia Tiny Home Builders workshop earlier this year.

He ended up purchasing Dan’s Tinier Living plans and made some adjustments which I think are awesome. And if you ever needed or wanted to it seems like you’d be able to detach and roll the home away.

This works well for so many things because you can live in it, take it on vacation, and even use it as an emergency shelter or “bug out” house in the event of an emergency.

Read the original post on Timothy’s tiny house right here.

If you want to purchase any of Dan’s plans including Tinier Living, click here.

If you want to attend Dan’s upcoming Tiny Home Builders workshop, click here to sign up.

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  1. Read the linked-to post (and looked at the Tinier Living house plans) and I have to say, it seems like a great idea. If you have a smaller vehicle so can only tow a smaller house, you don’t need to suffer because of it, especially if you plan to move between set locations (eg a summer & winter location), and in the meantime, you can still go other places with it because you do have a small amount of living space just not as much as the Tiny Living

    The TrLhouse is 12′ x 8′ (~96sf) and the bath/bed loft spaces are same size as the TL house, which is 20′ x 8′ (~160sf), so ~8′ extra length for the living & kitchen area. So, the docking buildings easily become a way of making up the living space you lose by having the 96sf vs 160sf and maybe a little on top besides (heck if you put in a sofabed/murphy bed, it also becomes guest accommodation), it’s space you don’t necessarily need to take with you on the road, so why not leave it behind. It reminds me a little of people with motorhomes putting up a fixed awning when staying in a campsite (because the motorhome is also their mode of transport), so they can leave pull away from it and leave their stuff in it, zip it up like you would a tent, maybe even padlock it, then go off visiting places for the day without lugging round all their camping stuff.

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