Jay Shafer Tiny House Workshop with a Field Trip


Thought I would inform you that at Jay Shafer’s upcoming workshop in California this August 10-11, 2013, you’ll get to also go on a tour to see a bunch of tiny houses on a field trip the entire group will be taking.

Little things like that are what make certain workshops special to me, in my opinion. So I wanted to be sure you knew you could have this opportunity to see a variety of little homes on trailers while hanging out with Jay and a bunch of other tiny house enthusiasts.

Sign up for the workshop directly through Jay’s Four Lights Tiny House Company here.

Tiny House on Wheels with an Addition


Photo Credit Timothy/Tiny Home Builders

I wanted to share Timothy’s tiny house design with you today. I got to meet him at the Atlantia, Georgia Tiny Home Builders workshop earlier this year.

He ended up purchasing Dan’s Tinier Living plans and made some adjustments which I think are awesome. And if you ever needed or wanted to it seems like you’d be able to detach and roll the home away.

This works well for so many things because you can live in it, take it on vacation, and even use it as an emergency shelter or “bug out” house in the event of an emergency.

Read the original post on Timothy’s tiny house right here.

If you want to purchase any of Dan’s plans including Tinier Living, click here.

If you want to attend Dan’s upcoming Tiny Home Builders workshop, click here to sign up.

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Hand Built Gypsy Wagon for Rent in Seattle, WA


Here’s a modern day gypsy wagon built on wheels that you can rent in Seattle, WA. I like how it has the built in front porch over the tongue of the trailer similar to this tiny house.

This would be the perfect place to stay if you’re thinking about attending one of Tumbleweed’s upcoming workshops in Seattle (not a hands on workshop though but still a great chance to get together and meet with other like minded people).


This looks like the perfect place to get some rest after a long day of exploring the town or attending a workshop.


For more pics and info on how to book your own stay click here.

Tiny House Classes at Mendocino College


Sustainable Tech at Mendo College in Ukiah California – Summer 2013
June 10th-August 1st www.mendocino.edu
Build a tiny house, hands-on electrical and more

SST – 180 Build a Tiny House on Wheels (Construction Fundamentals) – 3 units
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 9:00-3:20 with Jen Riddell
Gain hands-on construction skills while building a small mobile house.

SST – 186 – Intro to Residential Electrical Systems – 3 units
Mondays and Wednesdays – 9:00-3:20 with Robert Samuelson
Build your knowledge and skill in residential electrical. A good mix of theory and hands-on practice.

SST – 196 SST Occupational Work Experience Education – 1-8 units
Anytime – See OWEE Director Dan Jenkins


BUS – 176 The New Green Economy – 3 units
Online – with Orion Walker
Explore how green/sustainability is transforming the world of business and develop career and business ideas and strategies.

SST – 200 Sustainability Overview – 3 units
Online – with Orion Walker
An overview/introduction/exploration of what it means to live sustainably on planet earth. New to sustainability? This course is a great way to get up to speed on the concepts, principles, vocabulary… of sustainability.

For those wanting to complete an SST certificate these core requirements and electives are also offered online:

BUS – 132 Entrepreneurial Management – 3 units
Online – with Orion Walker
Think up and develop business ideas while exploring emerging trend and opportunity areas in entrepreneurship. Interested in 3D printing, the sharing economy, crowdfunding/sourcing, app development…? Me too.

BUS – 230 Intro to Business – 3 units
Online or Lake – multiple instructors

CSC – 201 Computers and Computer Applications
Online or Ukiah Campus – multiple instructors

Learn how to become a student here.