Tiny Log Cabin: Is Rustic Simplicity just for Men?


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If you’re anything like me, you like a little bit of everything when it comes to small houses.. Including log cabins.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint what my favorite style of house is. But I know that the look and feel of wood is top on my list.

And to me log cabins are the epitome of “rustic simplicity”. I guess there’s also this manliness associated with log cabins.

It’s sort of like getting to be at one of those awesome old school manly barber shops with Polyurethane coated wood.

My question to you is, if you’re a lady, do you also enjoy log cabins or is it more of a guy thing?

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  1. Why would this be just a guy thing? I’m a girl who appreciates the simplicity of the log cabin. Women, generally speaking, like life and relationships to be more intimate. Can’t get more intimate than sharing small, simple places with your nearest and dearest.

  2. I lived in a log cabin for 7 years. Loved it! The old wood, unpainted and aged to a silver-gray, the solidity with which it clung to the ground, the way it silenced outside noises and thumbed its nose at windstorms, even the cozy smell of warm logs in mid-winter; there is nothing better! Given a choice, I would be in it still.
    And when I get a chance, I’ll find myself another one. With or without modern “conveniences”.
    (Oh, I’m a woman.)

  3. When I searched for a cabin type building for my two acre lake lot I found an 18×22 building with additional 6 ft porch and optional half log siding. The builder also gave me an option to raise the loft height so I can stand in it. I’m only 5ft. 5 in. and requested 3 dormer windows in the loft, a stairwell to the ground level and had this building placed over a full basement. The building itself is nearly 17 feet high at peak with 7ft. 3in. ceiling in ground level. I am anxious to move back onto this property. I previously lived on the lot in small trailers (one 16 ft, one 30 ft, and an RV) so I am well acquainted with tight spaces. I love the quiet, beautiful surroundings.

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