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Nina Tolstrup designed this tiny modern beach house for her family just an hour away from London. It sits on a small patch near the seashore in a row of around 25 other little beach cottages. The purpose of the structure is to house her family while they vacation when they can get here. It’s a 388 square feet cabin. I think she did a great job with the design. She made the most out of the space for her family by using the lofts and open living area.

Photos by Ben Anders

Designed by Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama (Via Small House Bliss)

What do you like best about this little beach house?

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Modern Beach House”

  1. Great use of space to sleep at least six. Too modern for me, but I love the concept and plan! Really like the use of light coming in without regular windows.

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