Treehouse Micro Cabin with Wrap Around Balcony

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The Shitake Treehouse-15

I love the wrap around balcony in this micro cabin treehouse in Cave Junction, OR that hovers over the woods. Can you imagine being a kid and getting to stay here? I would never have forgotten it! When you go in, there are two separate lofts with full beds above the main living area.

The way the bathroom is just part of the living space is a little strange to me. I guess I’d rather have an outhouse and a micro kitchen than the toilet in the living room but still good. And there is a folding partition for privacy when it’s in use or if you just don’t want to look at it!

The listing says there’s a refrigerator and hot water pot but you’re not supposed to cook up there so on the property they have a main house where you can cook. More info here.

Check availability, rates, book your stay here, see more photos and learn more about this treehouse.

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