1929 Soldier Bunkhouse Turned to Boutique Mermaid Cottage



Kitchen and View of Living Area


I really like the open shelving in the kitchen and the stacked dishes. So perfect.


Master Bedroom and Bathroom





Guest Bedroom with Twins


Kitchen and View of Living


I love the orange wall storage unit and how it matches with the retro dining chairs. So cool!

Living Area


Outdoor Space


“A completely renovated, Jane Coslick-designed duplex! A building that started out as quarters used for soldiers during the Spanish-American War, this duplex is directly behind Officer’s Row and has another Mermaid Cottages’ property, Enlisted Men’s Mess Hall/Screened Inn duplex, as a next-door neighbor! This beautiful duplex has been lovingly renovated and is bright, colorful and a showcase of Jane Coslick’s unique and professional beach cottage renovation and décor style!” (source)

Catch the video tour below, too!

Video Tour of the Soldier Bunkhouse to Mermaid Cottage

See more photos, learn more, and book a stay here if you want to.

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  1. Not exactly tiny but I like seeing people save these old houses and retrofit them to be lived in. Open shelving makes tiny houses seem bigger and you can’t hide your messes so you have to keep things dusted and clean.

  2. Only that 800 sq.ft. home with a woodsy feel comes THIS close to perfection! Only time EVER, I’ve spent 1/2 an hour drooling over the photos! Designer is a genius with colour-play! I’ve always been a fan of 90% white with pops of colour but my family would destroy it in two hours flat! Sand, mud, cockleburs, cat prints, dog prints…~sigh~…people prints. So, we need intense colour and prints to act as camoflauge in our home. LOVE that they repurposed their home as we did; our’s was a Mom-Pop grocery store during the 20’s-60’s.

    If I could give the architect/designer an award, I would. My FAVOURITE house that Alex has ever featured!!!! Wood house comes in 2nd place.

  3. Darn it anyway, Alex! I can’t get this place out of my head!!!! I’ve opened up this link 4 times, watched the video 3 times (very nice, BTW), and actually done a search engine on Jane Coslick…which was MOST entertaining! This woman is a powerhouse…on the order of Oprah or Martha: has her own design firm, items to sell, consults, revamps…and she’s worth every penny from what I see of her work.

    My compliments, Alex, and giving us this gift to devour and come begging back for more. <3

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