24′ Trailerable Folding Houseboat

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-01

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-02

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-03

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-04

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-05

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-06

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24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-08

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-09

24 Trailerable Folding Houseboat-10

I received this entry from one of our readers who I’m pretty sure designed this himself. It’s a trailerable folding houseboat. Which means.. It can function as a travel trailer AND a houseboat.

The best part is that since it folds it can meet the public road standard since it goes down to 8′ wide when folded. Then, when you get it on the water, you can unfold it and enjoy a wrap-around deck which is just awesome. Great thinking!

Thanks for sharing your breakthrough 24′ trailerable folding houseboat design with us, Peter!

What do you like best about this trailerable houseboat design? Is there anything that you think could easily be improved? Please- share in the comments below!

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  1. Great! Such a kind of houseboat has been in my mind for a while.
    Although 16′ of living space are a little bit tiny for my needs I like the concept itself and probably it could be extended to 20′.
    The critical area are the joints of the folding structure and to keep them water tight.

  2. Sorry but way too complicated for little gain and much other faults. Not even sure just how much narrower it is with the sides folded up! 1′? KIS

    Just go up to 8’6” wide and if you have to have side decks, fold just them down.

    On a houseboat this size you work front and back passing through a much wider, more useful, roomy interior. Add to that windows to reach through and the deck above the cabin easily takes care of the complicated mess this example is.

    The other way is just have pontoons that slide out or not for boating and in for trailering.

  3. Geez, I’d advise getting an overwidth permit when you tow, which costs next to nothing. Waaaaay cheaper than trying to build a folding hull that is maintainable. Note: look at some of the trailerable trimarans that are currently in existence…. more stable AND fast on the water, and pretty big form factor for being able to fit on a trailer. Good luck!

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