Simple Living in a 900 Square Foot Modern/Rustic Eco Cabin

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Images: Boutique Homes

This 900 square foot steel and stone house actually packs two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is located in the city of Taos, New Mexico. That’s pretty good use of space considering it’s just 900 sq. ft. and there are no lofts.

One of the rooms has a murphy bed which is great because you can put the bed up and the room doubles as an open office with great views.

Inside the vaulted ceilings are up to 10′ high with large windows to let in the sun and give you great views of the surrounding forest.

The woodwork and cabinets inside are all custom built and in the kitchen you’ll find some really nice black granite countertops.

It’s very well insulated to help make it easy and efficient to cool. Plus the appliances, heating and water systems are also very efficient.

Nearby you can find a beautiful stone deck with a hot tub. And in the rear you’ll find a BBQ grill on the deck. And I almost forgot to mention.. There’s a river back there you can fish from that’s so close you can almost do it from the deck . 🙂

This is a vacation rental in Taos, New Mexico so if you’re interested you can look up the rates right here. For more info and photos click here.

What did you like best about this 900 SF modern/rustic eco cabin? For me it’s the general great use of space. I like how the kitchen is spacious, usable and has lots of cabinets because I like cooking at home. I also like how the living room is relatively small. I don’t like oversized living areas because I think they’re a waste of space. How about you?

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  1. This is not really a tiny house….it is a small house but a regular house all the same…we live in a 900 sq ft farm house built in the 1920’s….was a normal size house for rural Missouri.

  2. Hi everyone, JB here and new to the site, I live on 20 acres at 6000′ in SW Montana and in sight of the Continental Divide just North of the Pintler Wilderness Area. My log home is 864 sq. ft. on the main floor with a full basement and partial loft for my office. I love small cozy spaces, and am really enjoying this site and it’s articles. I look forward to having many great conversations about living “small” and peacefully. JB in MT

  3. I knew I had seen this here! My husband and I are actually staying in the Rio Eco House the next time we visit Taos. It’s listed on I can’t wait!

  4. I’d really like to see more articles and links to park model homes and small homes. I don’t think I could go tiny with my pets and hobbies.

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