3 Awesome Tiny Dishwashers You Can’t Have


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When living in a small space like a custom built tiny house and you like to cook at home (like me) you end up having to do all of your dishes by hand. Which is totally okay. Except.. What if you could have a super small appliance that washes your dishes for you? I don’t know about you, but I like that. So I wanted to share these tiny dishwasher concepts. Some of them are concepts.. Others were unsuccessful products mostly due to little demand and ridiculously high pricing. Maybe some of these ideas will once again come back to the market for people like us who want to live in tiny houses, cabins and micro apartments. Now I’m on the hunt for dishwashers that we can have. I’ll report back on that tomorrow!

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  1. Several companies make an 18″ Dishwasher which fits underneath a standard 36″ high countertop. They will set you back almost as much as a full size dishwasher. This is what I am planning putting in when I build my house. I do not mind doing dishes by hand and was raised in a house without a dishwasher. But when you love to cook and/or entertain and are a busy person, it is lovely having one.

  2. Umn…that drawer one IS available, maybe not from that producer. But they ARE in demand. It’s used in greasy spoon diners, think Waffle House. They’re not uncommon at all, you just gotta hunt for them. A good thing to do is ask around your all night diners like that, see if someone knows who knows someone

  3. Having a dish washer is almost a necessity for seniors. As we get older our arthritic joints, memory loss and ability to see well makes a sanitizing system very important. Everything I design has a 18″ unit specified.

  4. Fisher & Paykel makes a drawer dishwasher. Pricey, but they’re great for small spaces. 2 stacked fit under a counter and, unlike a larger single unit, they eliminate the need for separate dish storage (and unloading!) because they just rotate: one drawer holds the clean dishes and the other gets loaded with dirty dishes until it’s full & then it becomes the clean dish cupboard.

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