DIY Tiny Kitchen in a Studio

Tiny Kitchen

I thought you might also enjoy this unique DIY tiny kitchen that Cheryl Spelts built for her photography studio. She pretty much has it all! Everything but counter space and a kitchen sink. She even seems to have a dishwasher! But yeah, no sink. Definitely a sign of a DIY project, right? I’m sure there’s a sink you can use nearby since it’s a small studio. And I’m sure she can always add a sink if she wanted. Anyway go check out the rest of Cheryl’s studio over at her site.

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  1. Alex,
    I hope Cheryl is very tall, very. I am 6’2″ and I’m thinking I’m not reaching that freezer! Just sayin’.

  2. How funny to find one of my own photos here!

    To answer some of the questions… I’m definitely tall – almost 5’10”! But the refrigerator was fine for my guests as well. The ceiling in that hallway was fairly low, so it wasn’t really all that high. As for why I didn’t just stick the refrigerator under the counter, it was too tall to fit under a normal height counter – and since I already owned it, and it worked great, I didn’t see any reason to replace it.

    And there was a sink – it’s on the other side of the wall on the right, just out of view.

    This photo is actually from 2007-2008 – and I’ve since moved, and have a slightly larger kitchen now! But still no microwave – and I still don’t miss it. The toaster oven is still going strong as well, six years later. I definitely prefer it to using my big oven. In fact, the only benefit I can see to my current “big” kitchen, over this smaller kitchen, is that I have more cupboard space for dishes and glasses. Other than the lack of storage space, I liked this using this tiny kitchen just fine!

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