484 Sq. Ft. Modern & Unique Tiny Cabin





Designed by Saunders Architecture.

“Summerhouse Aaland was designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen in the Fall of 2002. This house takes the form of a continuous, long, folded wooden structure that incorporates all the functions of the house. Here we created a clear folding structure that flows up, down, over and under. This structure transformed into all the house elements: walls, floor, roof, seating and roof terrace. The house is created with ecological ambition: it is insulated with linseed fibres and the exterior wood is treated with natural oils. All the wood is from a local sawmill. The house is built on pillars allowing us not to cut any roots or trees.” (source: http://www.saunders.no/work/item/16-aaland)

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  1. Maybe it’s me but I was disappointed when I realized there were only photos of the house exterior. I need to see the wonderful uses and design in the limited space of the home interior. That makes the story! I’m sorry but without the interior photos of the home it’s just boring. Please try to post photos of the interior living spaces when you’re featuring one of these homes on your website. Show us how awesome they are inside and out!

  2. I agree. If you are going to post these tiny houses, go the distance with showing the inside as well. How disappointing to open the link time after time and only to see the outside of the house.

    1. K, I’ll get more interiors! Couldn’t find the inside photos of this one but still thought it was cool and worth sharing.

  3. I’ve looked everywhere for interior pics for this cabinbefore, and they evidently don’t exist, not even at the architects’ site. I disagree with the other commenters: If the exteriors are cool, but no one’s published interior pictures, I’d still like to see the project.

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