Another Fancy All in One Kitchen Unit for Tiny Houses


Photo Credit Culshawbell

I love the vintage charm of this kitchen. This all in one kitchen cabinet is equipped with everything you need.

Open up the cabinet and you are ready to have a tea party or cook a delicious little meal. This would be perfect in a tiny house or small apartment.

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  1. You hit a homerun with this one Alex!! Shows what can be done. I especially like the storage in the doors, a very wasted space.

  2. Ditto to what jerryd wrote, Alex! Your blog finds are inspiring and a joy to read! This makes me want to design a tiny guest house for our cottage, just to install one of these into it.

    Being married to a Brit, I was puffed up with pride that this is from the U.K. 😀 However, WHY can’t American companies be THIS smart??? It puts me to mind of the genius designs of the “Hoosier Cabinets” of old, of which I am beyond blessed to have inherited my Gran’s “double wide” model from 1920. If you had an original Hoosier and >this< model, you'd need nothing else in a tiny house kitchen beside an island on wheels that you could use for additional counter space.

    Here are the stats:

    Natural Oak Interiors
    Solid Oak Shelves
    Solid Oak Dove Tailed and Soft Close Drawers
    3 Hand Painted Colour Options
    30mm Granite Worksurface
    2 Ring Induction Hob
    Caple Sink and Taps
    Integrated 45 Litre Fridge
    Integrated Microwave
    Tortion Hinges

  3. Beautiful and very timely, as I have recently been thinking about the possibility of re-purposing an old hoosier into a tiny cabin kitchen.

    1. 2BarA: regarding your old Hoosier cabinet…unless it’s in horrific shape and has only the shell remaining, you’d probably make MORE money selling it on ebay or craigslist and then you could flip that money into making/buying this unit. My “Seller’s” cabinet (Hoosier is just an all-encompassing name for any of that style of cabinet)is insured for an $8,000.00 replacement value, but then, it’s a double wide and has 100% of EVERYTHING that came with the unit: flour sifter, sugar sifter, measuring cups, menu’s from the 1920’s, etc. A great many folks who are in the sole business to find these and return them to state-of-the-art would possibly pay a pretty penny to you.

      If this isn’t sold in the States, I’d go to a outlet centre cabinet place and cobble it together from bits & pieces. Anyone with good electric and woodworking skills could outfit a standard cabinet and make a set of custom doors.

      Regarding the wee size of the frig, I’d simply use that for the things we use every day, such as Half & Half, milk, eggs, bread. I couldn’t live without my large double-door frig and upright freezer; I put too much aside from our garden to live on during unemployment months in Winter.

  4. Cahow, we’ve mentioned it here before that tiny is really just new to north america, the States specifically. European countries, and Asian as well, design these so well because their customers really want them! They actually “need” them. Sadly, here in the states “bigger is better” still prevails.
    Yes! This one is really well made. Well done Alex! I still lean toward a larger fridge as I do not see us in an urban, walk to everything location. The wife definitely needs her freezer space!
    Keep finding great finds!

  5. I agree with all of the above comments. It is beautiful. I will want a big frig, too. My starting point for any obsession is HOW MUCH?

  6. Tom Zolinger:
    Approx 4400 pounds + vat if you live in England!
    2200 pounds for base model. Oh yea, then there’s the whole shipping and handling thing. 🙂

        1. Bwhahahahahaaaa. Had the same thing happen to me, twice, today, Doc. Mitten vs. Mittens. Suburn vs. Sunburn. And as you said, “So much for “smart”.”

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