Tiny House Living Room Idea


Photo Credit: gBlog

I love the way this living room was set up and designed inside this small space.

The L shape couch gives you plenty of room to stretch out while reading a book or to take a nap.

And you can even store a bunch of your stuff inside the couch if it’s a built-in.

I also love the built in bookshelf to not only store books but other personal items such as family photos and other treasured nik-naks.

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  1. Okay, I’ve just got to come back and say more. I’m begging any new viewers to click on SOURCE: there are 18 more photos of this absolutely perfect cottage! Detail is through the roof on this home: the skillion roof with clerestory windows has always been my favourite home design since I was a child. The kitchen over-looking the lounge area is priceless…I want it! And my #1 complaint on loft bedrooms (bed jammed into walls, no nightstand) is wonderfully solved with a super long shelf/nightstand and storage. Many commentors concerns about steep ladders/ship’s stairs having NO SECURE hand-holds is solved to the max with an industrial hand-grip.

    But wait!, there’s more! There’s one photo of a wee table in a glass enclosed eating area…I thought I died and went to Heaven with that one. I swear, if I could convince my husband to sell our home and build THIS one, per spec, I’d have our current cottage listed tomorrow! But, he hates to move so all I can do is just ~sigh~ and drool. Bless the people who live here and I thank them for sharing their house of joy.

  2. Now that is a great 8′ wide livingroom with great storage, seating for 6, sleeping for 2. All you really need is a small kitchen, bath and closet and it to make a nice TH.

    The rest is very good too with excellent light from the windows makes the rest look even better.

  3. Me, again. Please don’t throw stones as I come, bearing gifts.

    Went to Alex Scott Porter’s website, the design team that created this gem. Spent way too long there, day dreaming. They’ve done “something” to disable Copy & Paste so the description of this house is lovingly hand-transcribed from their website. Thought others would appreciate knowing more about it.

    “This three season retreat house is situated on a remote island. The island has no roads, stores, electricity, cellular grid, water service or ferry service…no grid. The house can store enough solar energy and rain water to power a refrigerator, lights, outdoor shower, kitchen taps and outlets for music or a laptop.” There’s tons more to learn about this 550 sq.ft. house but I’m tired of transcribing. If you want to learn more about it, go to alexporterdesign (dot) com and click on “Selected Projects.” This house is the one entitled “Maine Island House.” 🙂

  4. Love this “L” shaped set up—when I was in HS a friends very handy dad made her a similar set up for friends to sleep over. The big idea was that there were two beds set up like these BUT there was also a “Parsons Table” he made that went OVER the one bed’s end. This meant that she had a fairly large work top space—she sewed a lot—that was not taking up seperate space in the room. When a friend came over the bed was pulled out from under the table. If she needed room to get around the table the whole thing was on casters so it could be pulled into the room or even moved to another room!

    Basically a Parsons Table is an IKEA LACK writ larger so slim profile and basically do-able for most with basic skills or could be made to order. And can be finished with any paint or wood or stain. The beds can still be made with storage underneath with drawers or compartments.

    IF the beds were different from “standard” this could be altered to fit also—since you are miking it and not buying! Also served as the head board and night stand. And looked much more sophisticated than most girls rooms of the time with their ruffles and faux Colonial “design” or hand me downs.

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