Best Ceiling Fan Design for Tiny Houses?


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Having a ceiling fan in a tiny house can be kind of scary especially when climbing up your ladder to the sleeping loft.

When I found this caged ceiling fan design I thought this might make some people feel a lot better about having a fan near their loft.

This particular one is 26″ and is quite pricey. Learn more about it and even order it here. I also took a look on Amazon and found a slightly different and less expensive version of the same thing. You can check that out here.

Would you like a fan like this in your tiny house or would you still go with a normal one?

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  1. Nice, but no reason why you couldn’t make your own cage around a ceiling fan, independent of the fan itself. You’d have to keep air flow mechanics in mind and keep the structure very minimal but securely fastened. Also easily removed for cleaning access. Ceiling fans collect a shocking amount of crud.

  2. Alex,
    check this one out:;Description:286;/Page%2035&Page=109

    the two on this page are the center two in the bottom row. they are from a local lighting company by us. they have a gazillion fans to choose from. while i like these, my favorite for a tiny house would be the horizontal shaft slow rotating palm frond versions. now i find out they are 4′ across and require 13′ ceiling height. tight in any tiny house. now i’m looking for mini versions of these. there is also a palm frond one that has the fronds attached to a rod that they pivot to and fro on mounted to a wall that could work. oh, wait, they are $1300. and the 48″ ones i mentioned? they are $13,000!!! per section!!! more than most of us would pay for our whole tiny houses! we’ll leave them to the mcmansions! in the end, i’ll likely go with a $16 box fan! 😛

    p.s. alex,
    can i have your e-mail? wanted to send a few tiny houses pics i found and have no contact info for you. or, if you prefer, i’ll attach to comments here and there. you have my e-mail from registration. please let me know

    1. There is a fan on the website that Doc linked that looks almost identical Tova fan my mom broke and was going to toss. I’ve been eyeing it for my house and now that I know how expensive they are, no more hesitation! Luckily, the part that broke was the stand, nothing mechanical.
      This is the lookalike fan, complete with openable cage for cleaning.
      Thanks for this post. 🙂


    2. Hey Doc, thanks for the link, Pretty awesome. But holy moly that’s expensive for a fan. LOL

      Sure – my email is tinyhousetalk at gmail dot com

      Looking forward to your email!


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