Couple Retire in $19,000 Tiny House on Wheels


Photo credit DailyMail

The Cantori’s retirement home is one-tenth the size of the average new American’s home. But are they living a better life in this small space? Their answer, Yes!

They enjoy the fact that their home is environmentally friendly and very cost effective.

Would you be willing to downsize your home to retire early? What would you do with all your extra time & money?

Read their story and find more photos of their tiny house here.

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  1. Funniest comment from U.K. site: “Dopey hippies think they have reinvented the wheel. People have lived in trailers for years, this is no different. Just a little fancier, and less aerodynamic, so it’s not very “green.”

    Apparently U.K. posters are not overly fond of this specific unit to be dragged around the countryside. Many think they should have just kept it in their back yard for living in and bought a true travel trailer to motor about the countryside. Hey, it’s his money and petrol and I’m aching for an update when this behemouth hits the road at 70 MPH and the drag those four dormers create on his engine!

    1. I think trailers and yurts and sod houses and shipping container houses and shepherds huts and this house are all some version of a tiny house. It is a very interesting concept to follow where it leads; I’m even wondering about ” doll houses”. Do I enjoy them because doll houses were so much fun? I love reading about them and fantasizing about neatness, minimal housework and more “playtime” in my day.
      Although not always perfectly practical, this house would make one feel like you were living in a “home” and not necessarily a trailer which has some negative connotations.

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