Bungalow in a Box for $18,400


Photo Credit Bungalow in a Box

Prefabrication is an interesting and cost saving way to build because all materials are pre-cut.

Since everything is already designed and some of these things can even be done by computers and machines these days, it can really help drive down costs.

I think this technology gives us a little hope when it comes to decreasing construction costs even while inflation continues to rise prices on almost everything.

Bungalow in a Box offers a few prefab solutions for housing and you can find more info here if you’re interested.

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  1. I wonder if it would be strong. Trailer park homes are pre fab too and they don’t seem to fare to well in storms….
    Exterior wise it’s a bit charmless. I think a bit of colour would greatly enhance the aesthetics.

    1. It’s “charmless” because only the most basic model is being shown, not a finished model that someone is occupying. Kind of a silly statement (for you) to make when it’s so obvious that it’s not even finished yet.

  2. Re: Mobile homes, we lived in a 1974, model for one year (moved due to dust storms in AZ, made husband unable to breath) we found that repairs were generally easy due to being able to access most item underneath in the crawl space.

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